[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou’ve decided to start running (again). Great! Running is healthy for your body and mind, helps to lose weight and can be done anywhere. It is my favorite exercise when I’m abroad for modelling trips. To prevent injuries start carefully. In this article I share 12 tips that guarantee a safe start.

Hitch on with me: run your first pain free 5K

Last week I shared an update on my running activities. To summarize: I had to take a break from running for a while due to a runners knee and shin splint. Last week it was the first time since 9 months that I started running again, going back from 20K to 3K.

My goal now is to run a completely pain-free 5K in 4 weeks. Hitch on with me and I will guide you to your first pain-free 5K with tips, tricks and run training schedules! We’ll take it slow and careful and won’t step in the same pitfall I stepped in.

Why you should start to run now

Cheap & easy
Running is cheap (all you need is shoes and a run outfit) and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Perfect for travelling models!
Therapy for the soul
Running is free therapy for the soul: it relieves stress, makes you happy and gives you that runners high; a rush of feel-good hormones.
A healthy body
Running is also good for your physical health, as it increases your endurance and strengthens joints, muscles and bones.
Energy & better sleep
Running furthermore energizes and has a positive influence on your sleep quality.
Running may even reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
Weight loss
Looking to shred a few pounds? Running can help your reach that goal in a fun, relaxed way.

12 Run tips, tricks, outlines and general advice

Are you ready to join me in running a pain free 5K in 4 weeks? Great! Here is a list of 12 tips, tricks, outlines and general advises that help you get to those first 5K safely.
Tip 1 Running shoes
Use high quality running shoes that are suitable for your running style, body weight, type of foot and training environment (there is much difference between a dune training and training on concrete).
Tip 2 Music
Music with an upbeat tempo (this music keeps me going endlessly) is your best workout motivation!
Tip 3 Warming up/cooling down
Always warm up before a training and cool down afterwards. More on that next Wednesday, when I’ll be sharing a detailed a 0-3K run training schedule for complete run virgins and a 3-5K slightly experienced runners training schedule.
Tip 4 Don’t run too far and often
Especially beginners should gradually build up their training (extent and intensity). Your endurance may be good enough to run faster, but the heart, lungs and circulatory system adapt faster than the muscles, tendons and bones.
Tip 5 Don’t run too fast
Beginners often run too fast. When running you should still be able to talk without panting too much. Your heart rate lies between 75% – 85% of the anaerobic threshold. This threshold is approximately equal to 220-age-15.
Tips 6 Fat burn
If you are looking for fat burn, your heart rate lies between 55% – 65% of your maximum heart rate. You can find you approximate heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 (220-age).

Tip 7 Achievable goals
Set achievable goals, as each goal reached motivates.
Tip 8 Alternate
Alternate intense run training with easy run training and rest days. More on that next Wednesday as well!
Tip 9 Build up K’s slowly
Start by running 2-3K (includes walking) and build up your K’s with 10% each week.
Tip 10 Speed comes last
First work on your technique, endurance and coordination. Speed comes last.
Tip 11 Pain
Forget about “No pain, no gain”; When you feel pain, stop running and walk home. It’s not worth it. Take enough time to recover and try again, minimizing your K’s until the level you run pain-free.
Tip 12 Carbs
Have a carb rich meal right after an intense training. Examples of smart carb choices are quinoa, sweet potato (check out these sweet potato recipes: clean fruit cake, sweet Brussel sprouts and sauerkraut mash with walnuts and dates) and oatmeal (or pecan-pear oat pie).

Follow up: schedules, podcasts and apps!

Stay tuned, as next Wednesday I will share a 5K run training schedule, podcasts and run training apps to help you run your first 5K.

Xo Angela


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