Best Tip Ever To Get Bikini Ready

Summer, I can already smell you! I look forward to hot days at the beach and the sun warming my bare skin.

I guess lots of people are with me, as spring until summer are the busiest months in the gym. Everybody wants to get lean before summer and women work hard to get bikini ready.

Quite often I am asked for my tips on how to get bikini ready. I certainly have them, but one of them is my all time favorite. It’s by far my best ‘get lean before summer’-tip ever. I am sharing it with you in the featured video. Don’t forget to hit the ‘thumb up’ button if you like what I’m saying!

What’s your best tip regarding getting bikini ready?

About Angela

Hoi! Ik ben Angela; meisje-van-30-en-nog-iets, vrouw van, mama van een dreumesjongen en een nu ECHTE #fitchick. Model, diginerd, foto- & filmhobbyist. Van origine MSc in Communicatie gespecialiseerd in gezondheidsvoorlichting. 'Great' staat niet voor schoonheidsidealen, maar voor alles waartoe ons oprecht prachtige lijf en mind in staat zijn. Op deze blog schrijf ik over alles wat ik het delen waard vind. Ga je gang en kijk lekker rond. Aarzel niet om jouw mening of reactie te delen onder mijn blogs; vind ik alleen maar leuk!

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  1. Katie Homer

    Great advice, see so many girls doing this! I’d also love to see a tutorial on your make up, love the eyes! x

    • Angela Willemse

      I know, I think it is nessecairy to have somebody point out the risks of these cleanses. Not everybody is aware of that. Furthermore, young girls read these promotions for cleanses too and I think they should keep themselves far from this kind of eating behavior.

      And thanks Katie, I will! I am wearing bright blue mascare in this video, makes the green in my eyes pop out more.

      Are you subscribed to my newsletter and/or YouTube channel, so you won’t miss the video?

  2. Michele Wieser

    Excellent advice. You’re a smart woman!

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