Cellulite: Nightmare of Many Women| by Hormone Specialist Ralph Moorman

One of the topics discussed most in the gym for years has been that devilish cellulite, a.k.a. orange-peel skin. It seems that, once it is there, it is impossible to get rid of. Here’s the good news: getting rid of cellulite ìs possible!

In this guest blog, Dutch hormone specialist and author of a.o. ‘De Hormoonfactor‘ (‘The Hormonal Factor’),  ‘Het Hormoonbalansdieet‘ (‘Hormonal Balance Diet’) and ‘De Boodschappencoach‘ (‘The Shop Coach’) Ralph Moorman explains how cellulite develops and how it can be treated.  

Ralph Moorman: “Women tend to use calorie restrictive diets to get rid of cellulite. The truth is that such diets work counter active; they seem to worsen the cellulite due to losing weight. The fitness market has already indented on women’s desire to cure cellulite long time ago; year after year one after another miracle remedy is launched on the market and most women I speak have already talked themselves in to such illusion, which at best can only temporary control the symptoms of cellulite.

For as far as possible, I never settle with fighting a symptom on principle. To get to the root of the arise of cellulite, we have to look into the cause of the appearance of cellulite.


The real cause of cellulite
The real cause of the appearance of cellulite is the imbalance between 2 hormones: estrogen and testosterone. If there is too much estrogen compared to testosterone, cellulite may arise (this is also the reason cellulite virtually doesn’t exist among men). 
The major causes of this imbalance are:

– too high percentage of body fat, which causes testosterone in the adipose tissue  to be converted into estrogen with the help of  the enzyme aromatase;
– incorporation of xeno-estrogens ( estrogen-like, chemical substances), plastics, pesticides and chemicals from food, cosmetics,    perfumes and the environment;
– high burden on the liver; estrogen is removed from the blood by the liver. If there are more toxic substances (such as alcohol) in circulation in the liver, the live will give priority towards removing these substances from the blood over estrogens.  In that way, more estrogen remains in the blood.
– stress and overtraining reduce the testosterone;
– consumption of licorice (also licorice in tea!), which lowers the testosterone;
– inactivity;
– poor sleep.

These are the tricks to correct hormonal imbalance between estrogen and testosterone:

1. Train like a bodybuilder! It may seem like a guy-thing, but the most effective exercise to get rid of cellulite is doing heavy strength exercises. Focus on the largest muscle groups: legs, back and chest. This will boost your testosterone!
2. Lose weight! In the beginning it seems to worsen the cellulite, but in the long run there will be less estrogen reduction.
3. Try to avoid taking in xeno-estrogens as much as possible. Filter water in a Britta filter jug for example, eat organic and/or remove the peel (less pesticides) and use natural cosmetics and perfumes.
4. Don’t drink alcohol and eat as clean as possible to relieve the liver.
5. Reduce your stress level.
6. Ensure a good night’s sleep.
7. Don’t eat or drink licorice/licorice containing beverages.
8. The following supplements may help: aromatase inhibitors (DIM, resveratrol, nettle root) and liver supporters (milk thistle), testosterone boosters (Maca, magnesium, zinc).
9. A doctor may prescribe a testosterone gel in case of demonstrated deficits (usually after the menopause). ”



Thank you very much Ralph for your information on how to treat cellulite!


About the author

Ralph Moorman is a Dutch hormone specialist, teacher and trainer and author of a.o. ‘De Hormoonfactor’ (‘The Hormonal Factor’), ‘Het Hormoonbalansdieet’ (‘Hormonal Balance Diet’) and ‘De Boodschappencoach’ (‘The Shop Coach’).

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  1. Not only may you wonder what is cellulite but you may also wonder what causes cellulite. Are some people more prone to develop it? How can a lean person end up developing cellulite? Hormones can be a factor in cellulite development. They contribute to the storage of fat along with your body’s metabolism.

    Other factors that can play a part in cellulite development are your genes, your age, body fat, gender, and even the thickness of your skin. Skin thickness varies so if your skin is not as thick, cellulite is more prominent.

    There are also certain points in a women’s life that cellulite is formed because of greater hormonal changes taking place. These are during the years of puberty, during pregnancy, and menopause. Hormones are also affected when taking birth control pills, so that can be a time when cellulite is formed.

  2. My sleep is terrible I probably wake at least twice a night maybe that’s a legacy of five children, I’m sure menopause is very tough and never associated sleep with it hope it improves for you thanks

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  4. A Groundbreaking Method To Lose Fat According to the latest scientific research

  5. Great share!! Cellulitis is commonly caused by bacteria. Skin injuries such as cuts, insect bites, or surgical incisions are commonly the sites of the infection.

  6. I really enjoyed reading your article.
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    Great article , for combat celulite

  8. Thanks Angela, that’s another amazing content for us! 🙂

  9. Hey Angela,
    What a great article.
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