[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s I shared in my model food diary last week, my love treated me with my favorite chocolate for my birthday: Tony’s Chocolonely Milk-Caramel-Sea salt. Not very healthy, but scrumptious. After we went shopping in Rotterdam the next day, I bumped in to Tony’s new limited edition flavor milk-coffee-crunch. 

I am crazy about Tony’s limited editions, so I had to try its latest. Lucky me Tony sent it to me to try. How did it taste? Is it worth giving up your healthy diet for? In this article I review Tony’s Chocolonely milk-coffee-crunch limited edition, but first your attention for child labour and slavery in the cocoa industry please.


Child labour and slavery in the West African Cocoa Industry
Earlier this week I was watching a documentary about child slavery on the cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast. After seeing the documentary I once again realised how big the extend of the abuses in the cocoa industry are and how important it is to keep pointing these abuses out.

Africa supplies over 70% of the cocoa used to make chocolate world-wide. The root causes of abuses in the cocoa industry include poverty and low wedges for farmers. As such, farmers need cheap labor to harvest the crop, which results in child labour, child trafficking and child slavery. We are talking about children sometimes as young as 6 years of age. As such, there is a chance that that piece of chocolate you had with your coffee is produced with the help of a 6 year old with work days from sunrise till evening, performing heavy, dangerous labour, climbing trees with machetes. 

Aly Diabate, a former cocoa slave states in The Taste of Slavery:

Some of the bags were taller than me. It took two people to put the bag on my head. And when you didn’t hurry, you were beaten.

How do I know my chocolate is 100% (child labour and child) slavery free?

You can help bring slavery and child labour in the cocoa industry to an end. How? Easy peasy! Buy Tony’s chocolate! Tony’s set up long-term relationships with reliable and trustworthy cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Tony buys cocoa directly from cocoa farmers, for a fair price over a long period of time.



Enough talking, back to Tony’s new limited edition flavor milk-coffee-crunch: what do I think?

Huge! 180 gram, that’s like the size of my head. Get in my belly!


Tony's Chocolonely slavery free chocolate new flavor milk coffee crunch


What can I say? Looks cool! 


Tony's Chocolonely slavery free chocolate new flavor milk coffee crunch

 Uneven pieces represent inequality of the cocoa trade

Nutritional values & ingredients
Could be better. It contains sugar and milk powder; I’d rather see sugar substituted by coconut nectar. I understand the milk powder is needed for a milky flavor. For as far as I know milk powder is hard to substitute. Leaving out the milk powder would give the chocolate a more bitter flavor, so no complain about the milk powder.

The ingredient coffee crunch is from organic, fair trade harvest, but isn’t further specified. I am not sure whether the crunches are 100% coffee beans, or whether the crunch also consists of sugar. Milk powder and soy lecithin are not fair trade; this can be an improvement in the future.

The allergy info tells me that the bar can contain trace elements of gluten, egg and nuts. Too bad for people with an allergy for these elements; Tony’s would also improve its bars if they would be 100% gluten-, nut- and egg white free. I understand though that this is not part of Tony’s mission and that it is impossible to excel in all fields of chocolate. So no complaint about this either!

Auch … oh … yummie!! Oh yes, this is a keeper!


Tony's Chocolonely slavery free chocolate new flavor milk coffee crunch

Delightfully soft! Don’t hold the chocolate in your hands for too long, as it tends to melt easily and quick.
While the chocolate melts in my mouth, my mouth waters and I gently bite the piece, sensing sweet little crunchy pieces of coffee bean. A perfect additional thrill!
Corporate Social Responsibility
Tony’s CSR is high, as this is the brands USP, mission and what it’s good at. Tony’s CSR means paying an honest price to farmers, focussing on long-term relationships with farmers, training and supervision of cocoa farmers to improve and sustain their crop ànd building a school for the children of cocoa farmers. Tony’s has all different types of certification trademarks among which  Fairtrade/Max Havelaar.

Environmental responsibility
Most (but not all) ingredients are from organic harvest. For as far as I can see, the packaging is non-biodegradable. BUT … it consists of uncoated FSC-recycled paper, which means it isn’t treated with environmental harmful porcelain or chalk. “FSC-recycled” means the paper is made out of recycled materials, which in turn come from responsibly managed forests. Hurray! And the aluminium foil? That too is made of recycled materials. Last but not least, Tony’s chocolate has the UTZ -Certified and Rainforest Alliance trademark.

Wow: just € 2,99 for a fair trade chocolate bar of 180 gram, farmers being paid an honest price, making use of organic ingredients. Chapeau!

I am amazed: as far as I can see Tony ships to countries world-wide!


Order your own Tony’s Chocolonely slavery free limited edition Milk Coffee Crunch chocolate from Tony’s webshop (world-wide shipping).



What’s your favorite Tony’s flavor?


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