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Model support
Unfortunately I cannot respond to private messages and e-mails with questions about my blog topics. You can find a lot of information on my website. If you still have a question about an article, please leave it in the comments below the article or on my Facebook page below the relevant post. For personal counseling, support or advice, visit my model support page (also for non-models). 

Editorial tips
Tips on editorial content or a heads up on someone I really should be interviewing can be e-mailed to

Press releases/invites/samples etc.
You may send your press releases, invites for press events, restaurant review or interview request etc. to or use the contact form below. Feel free to send me samples. Send me an e-mail to request my home address.

Business inquiries
Please visit this page to view my collaborative opportunities or use the contact form below.

Freelance communication & writing services
Would you like me to write in English or Dutch for you? Find more info here.


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  1. hi,

    we are muslim models ( hijab kind ) , our profiles are attached to e-mail
    Hope to hear from you ,
    thank you

  2. Hi Angela,

    My name is Alla, my friend Sussan Zeck told me about your blog, and so I decided to check it out. I have been a model myself for 10 years and am also into health, nutrition and wellbeing. I used to have a blog and was blogging about similar topics, but my schedule is very tight with a full time job ( I now work with the children ), so I couldn’t commit to writing regular posts. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and say I totally support what you are writing about. Feel free to contact me, I will be following your posts too.
    Warm regards,


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