Don’t workout in your boyfriends tee; brighten up your workout in neon tights!

Girls sometimes ask me where I buy my workout clothes.  I understand this question: cute workout clothes are miserably underrepresented. The workout clothes that are available in stores are most of the time ór practical, ór cute. Both cute ánd practical don’t seem to go hand in hand. But that certainly doesn’t count for the brands I came across!

Here are some brands that sell both quality and nice looking workout clothes.  Their current collections are strikingly colorful , 80’s inspired, with headbands, leg warmers, sneakers and lots of neon colors, which I like very much! Here are some picks I’d like to highlight:




I buy my workout clothes anywhere  and most clothes are not expensive; I have them form H&M, for instance. The collection is quite narrow though, but they do have clothes made from dri-FIT  fabric in their collection. Dri-FIT clothes prohibit your workout clothes to become sweaty and wet, which can cause painful scraping of the skin,  leaving it with an inelegant, painful rash. Another thing that I find important about workout clothes is that they are seamless:  seams can also cause scraping when you’re body becomes sweaty. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Odlo and Asics are some of my favorite brands that have all these qualities.




My footwear is another important part of my workout clothes: they need to offer great support. I buy new trainers after I have walked about 1000 km in them.                                                     



A really cool feature of Nike is that you can customize your own runnig shoes!





The bra

Than there’s the bra. I have ceveral of them: one  is especially for running, since this one offers the best support and has shock absorbers in them from every angle. Even if you have petite breasts, make super you support them well. The Coopers ligaments can also stretch with small breasts.  The result: drooping breasts, whether they are big or small. And anyway, why not buy a cute bra, since you have them in many colors? The time of the big skin colored granny bras has passed!




customize your own runnig shoes


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