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Clean & Spicy Cress Pesto Recipe

Clean & Spicy Cress Pesto Recipe

Tiny herb, giant beauty benefits







I love to make my food taste better with fresh ingredients, using fresh herbs for example. So I started growing my own herbs, cress amongst others. Cress is a super small herb that’s full of vitamin A and C and, due to its high vitamin content, is an awful lot of times healthier than other healthie veggies like broccoli and spinach. It’s flavor is quite spicy, peppery, tangy. Therefore I find it a perfect food to top my smeared sandwiches with, use it as a garnish or in soups. But there’s anoher great way to use cress in your kitchen: process it into a spicy cress pesto!



Make Your Own Cress Pesto

I love pesto. However, most supermarket pestos are full of additives. This recipe is much cleaner and is really easy to make . Get into your kitchen and get started making your own pesto. It will only take you 5 minutes to prepare, so you can use it for your lunch sandwiches tomorrow. Other ways to use this pesto are actually just like regular pesto; as a pizza or pasta topping or added to soups, salads or vegetables.



Yields: depends, I’ve used it to top 4 pizzas

Prepping time: 5 minutes

Kitchen aid: pounder




  • 4 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • fist size bundle of fresh cress
  • 20 gram shaved parmesan
  • 0.5 tsp fine raw sea salt
  • pinch of black pepper




  1. Put all ingredients in a pounder and jack up well. You can also use a foodprocessor to blend the mixture untill it becomes smooth.
  2. Add ore olive oil if the mixture is still too thick.





Nutritional value per serving (1 tbs):

Kcal 146 Fiber 4.5 Protein 2.9 Carbs 0.5 Fat 14.9




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Angela Willemse
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