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You may use recipes from as long as you write the recipe in your own words, the recipe is credited to Great Body & Skin and the text “Great Body & Skin” is linked back to the original recipe at You may not copy text. I do not allow usage of my recipes for commercial purposes or on webshop blogs.

You may not give your blog/article the same title and/or permalink as the original recipe. 

Commercial parties interested in my photo’s or recipes can contact me for price information of the content.

Information at GB&S
Despite constant care and attention for the content of this site and the information contained therein, “Great Body & Skin | A fashion model reveals her secrets … ” (hereinafter referred to as “Great Body & Skin”) does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the data and the content of this site. The information found at is based on scientific evidence as much as possible. If available, sources are stated. Other blogs are based on my personal views, which implies that I am responsible for them, not an agency. 

Disclosure of editorial responsibility

  1. Statements and opinions expressed in articles and notices on the pages of this site are those of Great Body & Skin and guest bloggers. Statements and opinions of the guest bloggers are not (necessarily) those of Great Body & Skin. I do publicise content very carefully. However, I (Great Body & Skin) shall not be held responsible for the contents of this website, including for statements and opinions of guest bloggers.
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  8. We all make misstakes. I too am only human. I  therefore accept no liability for any direct or indirect damages of any kind arising from or in any way connected with invalid and/or inaccurate information on this site, nor will the guest bloggers be held liable.
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Great Body & Skin does not guarantee any claims made by parties and manufacturers of products or services mentioned on this site.

The information on this site is regularly updated and/or edited. Great Body & Skin reserves the right to immediately make any change without prior notice.

Links to other websites
On this site you will find some links to other websites. Great Body & Skin is not responsible for the content of those sites and/or the manner in which those sites handle your (personal) data. Please read the privacy policy, disclaimer, copyright notice and terms and conditions, if any, of the site you are visiting.

I also link to websites of affilite partners, which I carefully pick. Most of the times I use the products myself. If not, I highly recommend the product. An affiliate relationship means that when you buy the product, I receive a small percentage of the price as a commission. This way I can receive a little compensation for writing blogs that are freely available for my readers. 

Conditions give-aways/sweepstakes
Once in a while Great Body & Skin offers products or services to its visitors that they can win. 

  • Guest bloggers, family, close friends and joined parties are excluded.
  • We do not correspond about the outcome.
  • If the winner doesn’t respond within 2 weeks, another winner gets the price.
  • Fake social media profiles (eg. profiles set up especially for sweepstakes) are disqualified.

Ad disclaimer
To be able to proceed with my activities, Great Body & Skin offers advertisers ad space. Allowance of advertisers is done with care by my media agency. Nevertheless, all ads fall under responsibility of the relevant advertiser. If you are seeing ads displayed on my website that revolt you, please let me know. 

Sponsored content
I always mention when it is sponsored (I for example write that I have received the product from company X) and when a post on social media is sponsored, I always use the hashtag #sp or #spon.