I got up early in the morning when it was still pitch dark outside. I traveled 2 hours to work – a shoot for a commerial client – and stood on a cold set in my bra. In the evening I got home and threw myself on the couch. Tired. Worn-out.

I Actually had to go to the gym though, because I know that I get energy from working out. Easier said than done when you do not even have the energy to actually drag yourself to the gym! 

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] hope that this is not a precursor of a flu; autumn is a period in which the flu lurks. To avoid becoming ill this autumn, I will be extra kind to myself and take care of myself well. This is my way to do so:

1 | Sauna

Agreement with myself: once a week I will take the time to just relax and warm up in the sauna. It’s very good for your immune system, because viruses can not survive in the high temperatures of the sauna.

10 tips for a healthy and energetic autumn

Sauna. I should do this much more often!

2 | Go out for fresh air

I will go outside for half an hour at least once a day for fresh air.

3 | Adequate sleep

At least 8 hours a night and try to sleep in in the weekend.

4 | Sports

Every other day I will work out: not too much and not too little. Preferably outside.

5 | Healthy eating

Every day at least 2 pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables. For the necessary vitamins. A little too often – due to my busy schedule – I’ll take a quick soy yogurt with granola instead of a proper evening meal with veggies. From now on I will eat my veggies, no exceptions!

6 | Drinking enough water

2 liters per day. I will furhtermore considerably reduce my coffee and wine intake, as Ioccasionally exaggerate my consumption of these liquids.

7 | No stress

The greatest resistance killer: stress. This therefore means being stricter to myself. Not always fun, because I like to jump into projects with cool people and can’t say ‘no’.

8 | Lots of laughter

If you can’t laugh: fake it! Your brain thinks you are really smiling and your happy hormone will increase. Thereby smiling will become more easy in the long run. 

9 | Sexy time

Good for overall resistance. Send your boyfriend to bed early, without socks. Ohlala! 

10 | Sun

I’ll supercharge my battery in the Thai sun. Even though my skin does not burn quickly, not without spf 30.

How about you?

What do you do to make sure you’ll stay healthy and energized this autumn?



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