Jingle bell, jingle bell … while Santa is preparing his Christmas deliveries, I am preparing my Christmas menu. As a model I have to be able to fit into sample sizes the whole year around, including right after Christmas.
Do you want to make sure you’re able to still fit into your skinny jeans after Christmas as well? Follow my 10 tips to apply during Christmas.

Tip 1: Enjoy!
Don’t diet or be hard on yourself during Christmas. Christmas is a time to relax, be jolly and enjoy everything that is part of Christmas, including the food. Can’t resist that mouth-watering, full of refined sugars, artificial colors and flavorings cake? Go for it! If you occasionally allow yourself something that doesn’t fit into your diet, you don’t have to be afraid that you will suddenly have gained 6 pounds the day after or get sick (unless we’re talking about a coeliac diet i.e.).

Tip 2: Make healthy variants
Are you the one preparing Christmas dinner? Make healthy variants! For most dishes counts that you can rebuild the recipe to a healthy variant. Does a recipe include refined sugar? Use honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. Looking for a sweet dish to serve with the afternoon or post-dinner coffee? Make (mini) gluten, dairy & sugar free brownies with avocado and pure cocoa powder or gluten, dairy & sugar free pumpkin no cheese ‘cheesecake’.

Workout in the gym; your body will scream for protein and carbs after!

Tip 3: Take a long walk
In this blog I explain that as long as you don’t eat more than you burn, you do not need to be to get scared to gain weight. Of course, Christmas itself would be totally worth a shrunken skinny jeans 😉 but the deal is: you can definitely prevent this. By taking a long walk in the afternoon (or if you have the time and motivation: a workout in the gym; your body will scream for protein and carbs after!), you can burn calories and balance the calories in verses out.

Tip 4: Go easy on treats around Christmas
Stay away from or limit Christmas treats on the days around Christmas as much as possible, but allow yourself to enjoy the real deal at the Christmas dinner.

Tip 5: Go wild on vegetables
Vegetables are full vitamines and minerals. In addition, they are full of fiber, filling up your stomach. An on the contrary, they are low calorie. Go wild on vegetables like carrots and complement with a (lean) protein source. Go easy on carbs (best choice: whole grain rice and sweet potato) and avoid refined sugars.

Tip 6: Clear soup!
Clear soup and broth fills your stomach, which makes you consume less after. Clear soup is low in calories and of course a delish way to start Christmas dinner.

How to survive christmas as a model: drink red wine!
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Tip 7: Red wine
Most alcoholic drinks are packed with sugar. Therefore, choose red wine or this healthier home made muled red wine! Most red wines only have 3 grams of sugar per glass. In addition, red wine contains resveratrol, which has antioxidant properties. But don’t let it be your reason to drink red wine: you’ll need to drink gallons of it to be effective. Don’t to forget to drink plenty of water if you’re drinking wine.

Tip 8: Eat before Christmas dinner
This prevents you from starting off Christmas dinner starving and overeating.

Tip 9: Portion control
Too many indulgencies on the table to resist? Allow yourself to try everything, controlling your portion size.

Delicious pumpkin no cheese 'cheesecake' with caramel | gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegetarian.

Pumpkin No Cheese ‘Cheesecake’ with ‘Caramel’ 

Tip 10: Regret nothing
Fill in for yourself what this means to you: eating the cake or not eating that cake …


What are your tips on surviving Christmas?

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