Have you been a follower of my articles from the very first beginning (great!)? In that case you know I am quite level-headed about food and nutrition. For both my new readers as well as returning readers I’ve created an overview of my most valuable articles with level-headed info about food and nutrition.

1. Detoxing

Much is claimed about the effects of detoxing, especially things that can not be proved. Detoxing has become a huge cash cow. Even though, I do see positive things about detoxing. Are you still following me? I’m explaining myself in this article:

>> Is detoxing useful?

2. Beware of Nutella!

I love Nutella. We never really have it at home, because we’re going for a slightly healthier version, but if I’m somewhere else and I have Nutella within reach, I can’t resist. It’s too bad that I find so much scare mongering going on on the www. I came across an article that specifically warned about Nutella. Nutella would cause brain abnormality’s and the like. I responded to the article:

>> Reality check: Nutella causes obesity and brain abnormalities?

3. Obsessive eating behavior

Building on previous paragraph: a while ago I received an email from Joey, who stressed about nutrition (and her weight) due to scare mongering. I get it! If I were to believe all health gurus, I would not dare to eat anything but lettuce leaves. Self-grown, organic, fermented lettuce, that is. Anyway, it’s a bad thing when eating causes so much stress. Please beware of that by reading the story of Joey:

>> Obsessive behavior and fear of gaining weight

4. How quick does a person gain?

An article that is read a lot during the winter holiday season is an article I wrote in response to the question of how much you should actually eat to gain a pound. I get this question from models, who still need to be able to fit into the same size after the festive period. That’s why I wrote an honest article about it:

>> The effect of holiday over-eating on your weight

5. Out for dinner – the smart way

When you eat smart in order to stay in shape, it can sometimes be difficult during dinner parties, especially when you have many of them. In case you only occasionally go out for dinner, I’d say just just enjoy it. Do you often go out for dinner (for example because of your work), or do you also have a profession where your body is your product and it’s important to eat smart, this article is your must-read:

>> How to survive going out for dinner

6. Groceries

No, you don’t need expensive, organic superfoods or do your groceries in a special health store in order to eat healthy. I’ve made a list of 25 healthy products that you can easily find in your local grocery store:

>> Shopping list: 25 healthy basic foods

7. Banana’s

do bananas make you gain weightBe honest with me: have you ever thought that banana’s can make you fat? Well, they can:

>> Do bananas make you fay?

8. Sugar addiction

Does it, or doesn’t it excist? This is what I think:

>> Physical sugar addiction + my recommendation

8. Coffee: do or don’t?

Health benefits of coffee for endurance and resistance performance
(c) nutricaocorporativa.com

Another interesting topic: should we, or shouldn’t we drink coffee? I give my recommendation specifically for the athlete:

>> Read more

9. How much do you need to eat?

How much do you actually need to eat? Personally I think this is not a question you should really be asking yourself, unless you really (want to) gain or lose weight. In general, you notice it yourself when your clothes become more tight or loose and you’ll know if you eat too much or too little. Are you looking for a more accurate method to figure out how much you should eat with your lifestyle, then this is a useful article:

>> Are you eating enough? Harris Benedict BMR calculator

9. So, why were gluten bad?

How about gluten? Why do people exclude gluten from their diet?

>> Fresh up about gluten

Q: Did you like this handy list? Would you like to see more of such useful articles? What would you like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below.

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