Hey, you’re only human! You’re at the right place here if you’re looking for workout motivation and cute workout clothes. 

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s quite unusual for me to lose my motivation to work out. First of all: I like working out a lot. Second of all: working out is necessary to keep my body strong and in shape for my modelling career. This doesn’t mean I never lose my workout motivation. I have a few tricks that help me to keep loss of motivation to a minimum:

1. Vary with workouts. Run once a week, join a boot camp class the other day, do yoga at home the second day and do strength training the third day.

2. Work out with a friend.

3. Work out with a good playlist with cheerful of heavy (House or old school Euro Dance) music.

4. Treat yourself with cool workout outfits. I feel quite ridiculous about this, but this works for me! I have a lot of workout clothes, in bright colors, with prints etc. I just feel so much more motivated to rock & rumble in the gym when I put on a nice outfit. Does that sound weird? Anyway, it works for me, so it might work for you as well! Why not give it a try?


My wish list

I have been browsing the interwebs for cute spring/summer picks. Beneath are the picks on my wish list.  Love, love, love the Adidas floral print jacket and shorts and Adidas tropical leggings!  


What’s your favorite brand?

Is you favorite workout gear brand for women not featured on the list? Let me know your favorite brand in the comments below; I love discovering new, cool brands!

Have fun shopping 🙂




1. Skinny Workout Shorts $ 12.80 at Forever21
2. Hot Yoga Crop Tank $7.80 at Forever21
3. Skinny Dolphin Workout Shorts $13.80 at Forever21
4. Foldover Yoga Shorts $6.80 at Forever21
5. Floralina Short € 40 at Adidas
6. Eleve Leotard $75.00 at Sweaty Betty
7. Tropical Leggings € 24.95 at Adidas
8. Back Mesh Cut-Out Turtle Neck Crop Top $ 10 at River Island
9. Play Safari Leggings Box € 44,95 at Only
10. Firebird Floralina Trainingsjack € 75.00 at Adidas
11. Nike Signal Muscle at € 28 at Nike
12. Kimmie Jumpsuit € 14,95 at Only


Don’t forget to mention your favorite brand in the comments below!


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