Although Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge food fests, there is no reason to be afraid of packing up pounds during the Holiday season. Stick to these 6 tips and you won’t grow out of your pants.

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Tip 1: Stop eating when you feel full
Listen to your body when it says ‘stop’.

Tip 2: Eat slowly
It takes 20 minutes before your brain gets the signal from your stomach that it’s full. This means that when you feel full, you were actually already full 20 minutes ago.

Tip 3: Go for red sauces like ketchup or yogurt based sauces instead of mayonnaise
mayonnaise has more fat than red sauces and yogurt based sauces. As fat has the most calories per gram compared to carbs and protein, fat adds up the calories in your food much faster than protein and carbs do.

Tip 4: Drink enough water
A minimum of 1.5 liter that is. Drinking too little water can cause hunger pains. This way, thirst can be confused with hunger and make you over-eat.

Tip 5: Moderation is key
Sure, enjoy that black Christmas pudding. And the waffles. And the fries. It ain’t holiday season every day after all! The key for a skinnier and healthier holiday season is to have everything in moderation. Opt for little bites of everything or share a piece of pudding with your lover.

Tip 6: Don’t skip breakfast to ‘save room’
Skipping breakfast can make you feel terribly hungry at the festive dinner. Chances are great you will overeat, probably not with the healthy stuff. To prevent overeating on unhealthy stuff and overeating in general, start your day with a generous and healthy breakfast like oatmeal.

I hope I have helped you with my tips for skinnier holidays. In this article, when I mention ‘skinny’, I mean ‘skinny food’ or ‘skinny eating behavior’.

Finally, and perhaps my most important tip: enjoy eating with your loved ones, enjoy the food and do not be too concerned with your weight during the holidays. To gain weight you must eat an impressive amount of extra food. I wrote an article about that topic earlier.

What is your tip for skinnier holidays?

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