Having started on green smoothies, but stopped because they tasted like a bite from a cow farm? Then you are looking for these 7 tips to make your green smoothies taste better!

Tip 1: Good machine

A good machine is half of the work. Opt for a machine that includes a juicer, blender and citrus press, as different ingredients require different processing techniques. Having these utensils on your machine also makes it possible to decide to include or exclude fibers from your smoothie.

Including fibers is healthier, but unfortunately these fibers aren’t always complementary to the taste of a smoothie. An option is to alternate between including and excluding them from your smoothies or only exclude them when you think fibers from a certain food are just too much for your taste buds. For me the latter especially counts for kale. 

A great food processor that includes  juicer, blender and citrus press that I have myself is the Philips Avance HR7778, which you can buy here and see in action here.

Tips to make a green smoothie taste good
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Tip 2: The base

Choose a liquid as a base. I normally choose almond milk, but there are more options:

– almond milk
– rice milk
– oat milk
– water
– coconut water
– coconut cream; use sparingly, as coconut creme is very high in fat and as such, is very calorie-rich. Not that it’s a problem, as long as you are aware of the calories-in-versus-out principle.

Tip 3: Vegetables

Choose your green vegetable. Green vegetables contain among others chloroplasts, which promotes the absorption of iron, and vitamin C

Optional green vegetables to choose from:

[one_third]- kale
– spinach
– Roman lettuce[/one_third][one_third]- watercress
– endive
– chard[/one_third][one_third_last]- arugula
– celery[/one_third_last]

Tip 4: Fruit

You can choose any fruit you like. In my green smoothies I always use a citrus fruit though, as in most cases (especially when I use spinach or kale), it needs something sour to mask the strong vegetable taste. 

Fruits to choose from:

[one_fourth]- lemon
– lime
– pear
– melon
– apple[/one_fourth][one_fourth]- red fruit (pitted cherries, blueberries, raspberries and so on)[/one_fourth][one_fourth]- banana
– papaya
– orange[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]- pineapple[/one_fourth_last]


Tips to make a green smoothie taste good
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Tip 5: Extra healthy

Add extra ingredients to supercharge your smoothie:

– protein powder (I use clean, vegan protein powder by Sunwarrior)

– chiaseeds

– flaxseed

– maca (a very nutritious root vegetable, available as freeze-dried powder)

– spirulina (a very nutritious algae, available as freeze-dried powder)

chlorella (also a very nutritious algae and available as freeze-dried powder)

Tip 6: Sweetener

Especially if you use kale, chlorella or spirulina in your smoothie, you can use a bit of extra sweetness to mask its taste. I often use (pre-soaked) dried fruit like apricot or date, but you can also use the following natural sweeteners:

– stevia (this one doesn’t taste bitter)

– maple syrup 

– honey

– agave syrup 

coconut palm sugar

Tip 7: Soften

Do you like your smoothie as creamy and soft as possible? Opt for these ingredients:

– avocado
– banana
– yogurt (plant-based or from an animal source, as you wish)

I hope you can move forward with these 7 tips for tasty, healthy green smoothies. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them behind in the comment form below this article.


Q: what are your tips for great tasting green smoothies?


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