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My Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

pregnancy skin care routine

I'm currently in my 39th week of pregnancy. The requests for modeling jobs are still coming in. The question that is - rightly - being asked is how the quality of my skin is. Despite raging hormones, I'm happy to say it's good. Today I'll tell you more about my skin care routine during my pregnancy.

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Break Through Obsessive Behavior and Fear for Weight Gain

how to break through obsessive behavior and fear to gain weight

Do you remember the e-mail I got from Joey in which she told us she suffered from obsessive health behavior and fear of gaining weight? In this article I get back to her e-mail with useful tips to help her break her unhealthy behavior. Additionally, I share tips from readers who recognized themselves in the story of Joey.

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Pregnancy Update: Baby Bump Pictures!

pregnancy update

It's time for a new pregnancy update! We are now in our 6th month. Modeling jobs are on hold because of my belly size. We had the 20-week ultrasound which revealed that 'we' are average and made my 4th pregnancy progression photo.

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