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Sweet tooth, but my diet …

Once in a while I have cravings, but at the same time, I don’t want to ruin my diet. Does this sound familiar to you? You might not want to eat sweets and delicacies because of most of their negative influence on  your skin, because they cause you gut problems, migrain, an imbalance or fluctuation of your blood sugar level or you might have an intolerance, allergy or sensitivity for their ingredients. Or you might just want to eat clean to control your weight. As you can see, there are many more reasons for wanting to eat clean than just wanting to control your weight.

I’ve heard a lot about a mysterious chocolate bar that would be very waistline-friendly and beneficial to my health: the LOVECHOCK raw chocolate bars. This sounds perfect for those moments of crave! So, I decided to buy myself a bar to try it out and share my opinion about with you.  I bought the flavor cacao nibs, which in my opinion is the most classic flavor.


Eco-friendly packaging

This is what the package looks like:


It consists of 100% degradable eco-friendly cart board, the inside is imprinted with colourful  ecological Mayan ink prints. In the inside I found a wise saying. This is what mine said:



Puts a smile on my face 🙂


The bar

The bar consists of 4 pieces, together weighing a 40 grams. The bar has a pattern carved in it, which makes it look like a tree trunk. Enhances the natural feeling 🙂




Couch – blanket – cup of tea – sun on my face shining through the window. I broke off a piece, sniffed it (sorry, that’s just a weird thing I always do with my food, sniffing it for too long, but this really enhances the taste!) and could already taste the strong chocolate flavor. My salivary glands immediately start to work, before even putting the piece in my mouth!

Okay, so, here it comes … I placed the piece on my tongue, closed my mouth, tasted the flavor and let the piece melt a little bit on my mouth… than chew it … little pieces of pure, raw cacao nibs, giving it a little crunsh … enjoyed it with my eyes closed …

Oh- my-gosh. I’m not exaggarating. This tasted so good! I felt my cheecks blush and my heart rate increase. Now this might sound strange, but this is what really tasty food and the energizing effect of caffein in chocolate does to your body.

Like the Mayans

Maybe you remember from your history classes that the Mayans used to drink cacao for energy on their jungle expeditions. This is probaply the effect that I’ve experienced. I’ve only indulged in just a tiny piece of chocolate, but the energizing effect was truly noticeable. This tells me the pureness of the chocolate. I would say this property makes it a perfect pre-workout or party boost or a substitute for moments you’re craving coffee.



Raw Chocolate

I must say, I was a little scared; most delicacy products that are not full of unnatural additives are quite flavorless if you ask me. But LOVECHOCK’s chocolate isn’t flavorless at all: the chocolate has a really ‘full’ taste, by what just one piece is enough for a feeling of satisfaction. This is probably enhanced by the chocolate being raw. I hear you asking “raw?”. Yes, raw it is!

‘Raw’ means that food has only been  heated up to 49 degrees celcius, preventing nutrient and enzyme loss. LOVECHOCK chocolate bars are hand-made of the best raw, cold pressed Ecuadorian cacao beans, so LOVECHOCK chocolate gives you all the good nutrients chocolate can provide you with.



Ingredients and health benefits

Raw cacao is anti-oxidant-rich and contains tryptophan (reduces stress and increases the feeling of happiness), anandamide (a neurotransmitter that targets the same brain structures as THC, the active ingredient in cannabis) and fenyletylamine  (a love chemical, which explains LOVECHOCK’s name).

The chocolate is sweetened with nectar from the Gula Java coco palm. This nectar has a low glycogemic value, which makes this chocolate the perfect snack for diabetics and a better option for others on a low carb diet.

Each flavor contains other super fruits, which increase your health and beauty.  More about the flavors later.

Other health benefits of LOVECHOCK are an increased libido for men, treating PMS, anemia and tiredness, strengthning the immune system and balancing the blood sugar level.

As you can see: one piece of LOVECHOCK is good, 2 pieces are twice as good!



Additive-, lactose-, sugar- and soy-free chocolate

It is obvious that LOVECHOCK is very aware of the negative influence of many additives to our health. This is evident from the fact that LOVECHOCK’s chocolate is completely additive free. Moreover, their chocolate is free of lactose, soy (which is the most genetically manipulatet food on our planet) and sugar.



Super fruit flavors

LOVECHOCK comes in 5 different flavors:

  • pure/nibs (the one I enjoyed)
  • goji/orange;
  • almond/fig;
  • inca/pineapple;
  • their newest flavor mulberry/vanilla.

LOVECHOCK chocolate bars contain actual pieces of super fruits. This adds up in making LOVECHOCK a very nutritionous, healthy, and waistline friendly chocolate. No wonder you don’t have to feel bad about munching out on this love chemical 😉



Nutritional values

Every bar has its own nutritional values. Here are those of pure/nibs per 100 gram:

Kcal 66.3 Fiber 0.4 Protein 0.6 Carbs 3.3 Fat 5.8




I always buy my bars at my local EKO store, but you can also buy them online at, costing € 2,99 per bar.





LOVECHOCK got me hooked! First of all, I love the flavor, beneficial ingredients and the absence of additives. Second, the appearance is appealing and the addition of a little surprise in the form of a saying puts a smile on my face. Third, LOVECHOCK is an environmental and social responsible organisation (have I mentioned they pay farmers an honest price?).  LOVECHOCK has a slightly higher price than regular chocolate, but then, LOVECHOCK is far from regular chocolate and satisfies more than ‘normal’ chocolate. It can also be a little hard finding the bars, since they are not being sold in every street corner. I hope this will change soon. Until that time: hurray for online shopping!



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