I’m a little lost. Lost in translation. I do not know whether I should continue writing in English or in English and Dutch, or in Dutch only. In this article I’ll tell you why I consider this. I also want to be transparent about the ads on my site.

Lees in het Nederlands

When I started blogging

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I started blogging on this site in 2012, I did so English. Not without reason: as you probably know, I’m a model (as you can see at the above photo) and I have a lot of international contacts in the “modeling world”. I wanted my non-Dutch speaking ‘colleagues’ to b able to read my blogs, as the reason I started my blog at that time was to motivate and encourage models to perform physically and mentally healthy behavior.

Also interesting for non-models 

Over time, however, I noticed that my blog not only interests models, but also got picked up and is read by non-models. In addition, I got more and more requests to (also) write my blogs in Dutch; my mother language. As such, I have translated my new blogs in Dutch, while continuing writing in English.

More Dutch returning visitors

The result was that more Dutch visitors know to find my site. In fact, the percentage returning Dutch visitors has actually been greater than the percentage of non-Dutch speaking returning visitors over the past few months. Furhtermore, the interaction I have with visitors of my site and social media followers is more with Dutch speaking people than with non-Dutch speaking people.

Time consuming

These facts give me a good indication that I might try to go on to write only in Dutch. “Why don’t you continue writing both in Dutch and English?”, you might wonder. The reason for this is primarily the time it takes to write blogs. I’m usually not home all day. For example: I often have modeling jobs, castings and appointments, for which I often have to travel at least 3 hours a day. On top of that I have my sports, daily household tasks, my family who lives far away from me and my free time.

Writing and than translating content in a language that is not my mother language, is time consuming. On top of writing articles, it also takes time to photograph, do post-production, do research, draw attention to my content in various media, the technical side of my website which is constantly in motion, contact with companies, PR agencies and guest bloggers, appointments related to my blog and so on … All in all, my blog takes up quite a lot of time. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely don’t see that writing takes a lot of time as something negative. Writing is something that I enjoy very much!

More content and re-intoducing Youtube videos

You may have already noticed this the past few months, when I blogged on a daily base. Unfortunately I have not sustained in doing so as I went back to posting new content every 2 days, although I prefer delivering new content on daily. I haven’t made much Youtube video’s, as this process appeared to be too time consuming. In the future I would love to re-introduce Youtube video’s to my site though.

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Another thing: because blogging takes quite a lot of time, companies may now place ads on my website. These ads either connect with the content on my site or with the target group of my site. For example: earlier this month you might have seen a Reebok ad on my site. Yes, I get paid for these ads. It’s not much though; I see it as a small compensation for the time it takes me to write my articles. Only the big bloggers out there can really live of income through their website.

Free articles

See it this way: on my website you can find articles that are freely available for you, in exchange for a little exposure to ads. You can also see those ads in, for example, magazines. These magazines survive on these ads. The only difference is that you pay for a magazine while here you can read articles for free.

Defined location

Getting back to the ads that are placed on my site: many companies find it important to have a clearly defined target audience. These companies in fact often have budget for the country in which they operate. They place an ad on my site, which is payed for, to keep it simple, per 1,000 views (the number of times a page is loaded). A company that has a marketing budget only for the Netherlands, however, may only want to pay for your vieuws from the Netherlands. And right they are,  as what a Dutch company like Zeeman has for sale right isn’t very interesting for people from, let’s say, Kentucky.

Because my target audience is rather fragmented regarding geography (I have visitors from all over the world), I find that it is harder for me to attract businesses and let them advertise on my website. Together with the time it takes to translate articles, it would therefore be a consideration to target more on the Dutch market and continue blogging in Dutch, rather than in Dutch and English.

What is your advice?

What is indisputable is that I think the most important thing is that you as my readers are satisfied with the choice I will make. This choice will depend on your opinion! Besides that I want to be transparent about what is going on now on my website, I’d to have your advice! Therefore I have a few questions for you:

what would you like me to do? Would you like it if continue writing in English? Would you miss my articles? What would you do if you were me?

I would of course be very sorry for my English-speaking returning visitors if they suddenly can not read my new blogs (older blogs are written in English and will never be removed), so if you are one of them, please speak up!

My last question is about ads: what do you actually think about me and bloggers in general getting paid for placing ads on their site?

Thank you in advance for your feedback; I very much appreciate it!

By the way: if you find ads on my website annoying, you can of course install Adblock, but you’d help me if you won’t. Furthermore, I always mention when it is sponsored (I for example write that I have received the product from company X) and when a post on social media is sponsored, I always use the hashtag #sp or #spon. I have added this information to my disclaimer.


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