ANOUK Sanders'(Paparazzi Models) Beauty secrets

Anouk (Paparazzi Model Management) About her Skin Care & Beauty Routine

With covers for ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, international fashion model Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management) already has an impressive modeling resume. In the last part of her interview series the Dutch beauty reveals the ins- and outs about her skin care and beauty routine.

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My skin and body are really at their best with good nights of sleep.

Q: Hi again Anouk! A clear skin is very important for a model. How do you take care of your skin?

I always make sure that I take off my make up at the end of the day and clean my face mornings and at night. I use products from Dr. Alkaitis. It’s an all organic brand and contains nothing unnatural. After that I use a serum and a cold pressed oil during the night. Oh! And I use a spf 50 during the day.

Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management)
Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management)


Q: Which brands do you prefer for your face?

Dr. Alkaitis and Be Mineral Make-Up.


Q: Long flights dehydrate your skin. How do you protect your skin on (long) flights?

I actually don’t use something extra during a flight; I just make sure that I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.


Q: Do you have a tip to avoid getting spots and pimples?

Always take off your make up before you go to sleep. It’s the worst for your skin! And I know its not fun … but alcohol is not really working well for your skin either.


Q: What’s your best general beauty tip?

Sleep! My skin and body are really at their best with good nights of sleep.


Q: What to do when you have a pimple on that important shooting day?

Best thing is to not touch it of course, because it’s really easy to cover. With Photoshop they will make it disappear within a second!


Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management)
Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management)


Q: Do you have any nutritional tips that help taking care of your skin from the inside out?

I take fish oil and evening primrose oil every morning.


Q: With all those hot irons in our hair, after a few years of modeling, our hair can get quite damaged. How do you take care of your hair?

I try to do a hair mask once a week at least. Besides, I don’t to use the blow dryer or hot iron when I’m not working to give it rest. I’m a big fan of Biosilk aswell. It’s a serum that you apply to your hair after washing it. It makes it super soft and gives a nice glow to your hair.


Q: Do you have any favorite spa’s, skin therapists or treatment centers that you can recommend?

For my facials I always go to C.Cosmetics and Care in the Herenstraat in Amsterdam. They use products from Dr. Alkaitis aswell. I also go to Fort Resort Beemster in the Zuidoostbeemster; it is a small spa/sauna, wich I love. It was an old fort before, turned into a small spa with a view over the meadows.


That sounds lovely, Anouk! Thank you for sharing your beauty ‘secrets’ with us and thanks Paparazzi Model Management for the images. 


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  2. Hi! Ik vroeg me af of de SPF50 die ze gebruikt ook van Dr.Alkaitis is? Ik ben op zoek naar een fijne, natuurlijke SPF maar kan het nog niet zo goed vinden! Heb je misschien tips?

  3. Leuk om te lezen weer! En ja ze heeft gelijk qua alcohol en slaap, maar een glaasje wijn op zijn tijd is wel gezellig 🙂 BTW, mij is altijd geadviseerd teunisbloem olie alleen rond je menstruatie te slikken? Weet jij daar iets van?
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