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pregnancy update relief
Personal Pregnancy

Pregnancy Update: Not Wanting to Bond & Relief

Today I’m 27.5 weeks pregnant. It’s awfully nice to see my belly move when touched and see baby kicks when daddy sings lullabies through my belly button. You understand: we have already bonded with our little man. However, this bond has certainly not always been existent. In this article I’d like to tell you more about this. Does my story sound familiar to you?

zwangerschapsupdate: mijn eerste vreetkick

Pregnancy Update: Oh No! My First Binge!

(NL) Shit. Het is, na 4 maanden zwangerschap waarvan de eerste 3 maanden een verminderde eetlust, dan toch gebeurd: mijn eerste vreetkick. Meteen spoken er allerlei doemscenario’s op in mijn hoofd. Zal ik nu tonnetjerond de zwangerschap uitkomen? 30 kg aankomen? Nooit meer mijn oude gewicht terugkrijgen? Zal ik, zoals een mevrouw mij waarschuwde, “nooit meer zo slank in bikini kunnen”?

Bio-Oil review
Pregnancy Skin & Beauty

Review: Bio Oil Against Stretch Marks

A while ago I got a very nice gift with pregnancy congratulations from Bio Oil. Bio-Oil! Bio-Oil was on my wish-list for quite a while. Now that I’m pregnant it is especially a product I want to try. After my pregnancy I will continue modeling; Bio-Oil can help me prevent stretch marks.

Bio-Oil has been used by pregnant women to limit and prevent stretch marks since 1987. Bio-Oil, however, has more benefits for your skin; pregnant or not pregnant. Read on for more information!