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Review: Bio Oil Against Stretch Marks

Bio-Oil review

A while ago I got a very nice gift with pregnancy congratulations from Bio Oil. Bio-Oil! Bio-Oil was on my wish-list for quite a while. Now that I'm pregnant it is especially a product I want to try. After my pregnancy I will continue modeling; Bio-Oil can help me prevent stretch marks. Bio-Oil has been used by pregnant women to limit and prevent stretch marks since 1987. Bio-Oil, however, has more benefits for your skin; pregnant or not pregnant. Read on for more information!

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Tip: Workshop Best Baby Food

workshop 9 maandenbeurs-beste voeding voor je baby

(NL) Eerlijk toegeven: eigenlijk sprak de 9 Maandenbeurs mij totaal niet aan. Bij mij leeft namelijk sterk het beeld van een invasie hoogzwangere vrouwen met roodgeverfd, kortgeknipt haar met trolley's met in het kielzog een brave man. Toch ga ik deze week naar de beurs. Lees snel verder waarom!

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Exciting News + Chitchat

spannend nieuwtje en chitchat

Hello love, today I have a video for you. This time my boyfriend also makes an appearance in the video. After I allowed him to go back to work, you'll hear him chatting on the background and hitting his keyboard. Now you're probably wondering: why is Angela's boyfriend in the video? I'd say: grab a coconut juice, legs up and listen to our chatter.

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Soda Causes Earlier Menstruation

Soda's Causes Earlier Puberty Among Girls

A study revealed that girls that drink more soda, on average have their first period earlier than girls that drink little or no soda. Light soda's and pure fruit juice don't seem to affect when they have their first period.

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