A few centimeters from your waist, a dress size smaller and slimmer thighs; all by means of an expensive piece of plastic, also known as the body wrap. Does it really work, or is it a scam?

[Dropcap]Wrapping[/ dropcap]parts of the body where a person wants to lose weight with plastic,  whether or not in combination with some kind of magic cream, to lose inches and even drop a dress size. Sounds too good to be true, right? And that’s it. Indeed, there is no scientific evidence that body wraps help to lose weight by reducing fat. Fat doesn’t melt, not even under the influence of a body wrap. The only way to reduce fat is to create a negative energy balance by means of a balanced diet and exercise.

Positive experiences with body wraps

But how is it possible that there are women with positive experiences as a result of the use of body wraps? Various causes can be:

Psychology of pricing

The price of a body wrap treatment is quite high. The more you pay for a treatment, the more likely (consciously or unconsciously) are to feel positively about the treatment, even if in reality the treatment didn’t have such great results.

– Fluid, no fat

Measure the size of your arm, sleep a night with plastic (household foil) lightly wrapped around your upper arm and measure your arm the next morning immediately after removing the wrap. For sure you’ll measure less centimeters. However, this is not because you lost fat, but fluid. When your fluid balance recovers your arm will ‘swell’ back to its normal size again. Thus body wraps do work, but only temporary and they absolutely do not make you lose fat. In slimming centers and gyms that offer the wraps an additional heat wrap is used, while the client has to do half an hour of brisk walking on a treadmill. This provides extra sweating, ensuring extra fluid loss in the area under the foil. Once the fluid balance is restored, however, the centmerers will add up again.

(c): Simon A. Eugster

(c): Simon A. Eugster

– Inaccurate measurement

There are sounds that companies that offer body wrap treatments sabotage taking pre-treatment measurements by slightly keeping a finger on the tape. The result is that the post-treatment measurement always counts less centimeters than the pre-treatment measurement.

– More exercise

Body wrap treatments are, as I said, in most cases combined with exercise. During this exercise the client has to do a firm walk on a treadmill for about thirty minutes every time the body wrap is worn. Chances are great that this means the client now has more physical exercise than normal, which results in weight loss. As such, measuring less centimeters at the end of a treatment is an effect due to more exercise and thereby a caloric deficit, rather than die to the wrap itself.


Body wraps treatments work, but only temporarily. In addition, they only provide fluid loss and not fat loss. This loss of fluid is restored once the treatment is stopped and the fluid balance is restored.

Local fat burning does not exist. However, you can make body parts appear slimmer by using training methods that ‘sculpt’ by focussing on the muscles. Think of pilates, this ballet workout and strength training.

The only way to reduce fat is to be followed by a structurally balanced diet and to build in adequate exercise.

Q: What do you think? Are you using it agrees with my views on body wraps to fall off locally? Have you ever tried this method?


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