As a model it is important to eat healthy and wise. Lost about what to eat? Here’s a conveniant 5 day, gluten and sugar free meal plan. You’re welcome! 

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]odels travel a lot and the majority of them is on stay and away from home most of the year. To them, eating healthy is very important. Convenience is of great importance to them as well, as it is not always possible to find exotic super foods in a city they’re not familiar with. Nor do they have access to their own kitchen appliances (blenders, juicers etc.) or time to make complex dishes.

Every now and than I ask other models what they would like me to blog about. Most of the time they ask me to continue to share delicious recipes that contain healthy ingredients and blogs with practical info about food. I also get questions about what my advice would  be to eat on a daily base. As every body is different, I can only share what I eat on a daily base. Use it as an inspiration!

As figured, I also get a many questions about what kind of foods would be healthy ànd convenient. In this blog post I therefore shared a list of 25 basic, convenient foods that you can buy in most supermarkets.

5 day convenient meal plan

Another thing I get requested regularly is a suggestion for a weekly meal plan. In this blog I have therefore submitted an example of a 5-day breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan that contains healthy, convenient foods. They’re not haute cuisine meals, but quite straight forward meals that don’t require advance cooking skills to make them.

I have described the ingredients for each meal (spices and herbs excluded; this is to taste!), but I have not described the directions on how to make the meals. This is because I assume you have some basic cooking skills.

Most meals can be prepared in advance. I do this a lot with boiled eggs, vegetables, gluten free pasta and pancakes for instance.  I save them in my freezer or fridge in air-tight containers and take out an amount on several days during the week.

Sugar & gluten free, high protein

After inquiring dietary requirements concerning the 5-day meal plan that I had planned to outline, I composed the plan according to the following preconditions:

  • convenience is a must;
  • meals need to be as fresh and additive free as possible;
  • meals need to be gluten free;
  • meals need to contain a good amount of unsaturated fatty acids and protein;
  • sugar is okay, but only natural sugars;

If you are gluten sensitive or if you have celiac disease, always check labels (if any), since cross-contamination can be the case (eg.: oats are gluten free, but when they are processed in a factory where also gluten containing grains are processed, these oats may be contaminated with gluten).

Set to your needs

Take into account that this meal plan is solely meant as an outline and to inspire those that truly don’t have any idea of what they can eat if they want to eat healthy. Set the quantities to your needs (calculate them here) and feel free to take out foods that you don’t like or eat for any kind of reason (allergy, ethics etc.) and add any kind of food that you like.

The meal plan does not contain in-between snacks. If you are interested in healthy in-between snacks, this blog and this category might come in hand. Fruit and nuts are always healthy snack options as well!

Last but not least: don’t be overly strict, as a non-Great Body & Skin-proof cookie once in a while won’t kill you 😉


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5 day healthy meal-plan for models

Good luck with the example meal plan! If you have any questions about it, please reply to this post!

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