Nike Air Max HYP PRM iD

Customized Nike Air Max 90’s Variations: Which One Shall I Pick?

I spent my morning customizing my new classic Nike Air Max 90 sneakers! I just want to order one pair, but I am left with 6 cool variations and now I can’t decide which one to order. Help!

Dear Saturday, you went by so fast …. before I knew it, it was already Sunday morning. Just a few hours ago, I was taking a hot shower before I hit the sheets. I had been up for quite a while at that point, so I was tired and dreamed away while I enjoyed the hot shower.

I dreamed about shoes, to be particular. Yes, shoes. I normally don’t dream about shoes, but my calves were under so much tension that it crossed my mind that maybe I should walk in heels a little less. I told myself I should have more flat shoes. They would be much better for my back, which can be quite painful from time to time, as well.

I still had cool old school Dr. Martens on my wish list (my mom recently accidentally threw away my old ones from high school as she’s moving 🙁 but hey, she gave me an awesome biker jacket to make it up to me ;)), but  a good pair of sneakers would be even better to give my legs ànd back some rest. The only sneakers I have in my closet at the moment are wedges. They look horrible and aren’t any good for my back anyway. So I thought classic Nike Air Max’s, just like the old days in high school, would do the job as well.

These bright, mono colored ones work well, by the way! I saw a guy with completely red Nike Air Max sneakers in the gym recently. I definitely liked those! I found out those were Nike Air Max 90 HYP Premium iD’s and I customized the colors with the Nike customization tool.

I  want those red Nike Air Max’s so bad, but the result of spending my morning customizing more Nike’s s is pretty neat as well! Now I am lost; they are all so nice, I want them all! Hmmm …

Anyway, they are all saved in my digital shopping basket, but now I can’t decide which one I want to order … the others, for example the ones with the cheetah print (Nike Air Max 90 Engineered Mesh iD), are also very nice! So I need your help.



Which one do you like best? 

I have my favorite (the red ones), but I would really like to know which one you think is the cutest/coolest/easiest to combine! Please tell me what you think in the comments below 🙂

Thanks in advance for your response!


Nike Air Max 90 iD

Nike Air Max 90 Engineerd Mesh iD

Nike Air Max 90 iD

Nike Air Max 90 iD

Nike Air Max 90 iD

Nike Air Max HYP PRM iD

You can customize your own here:
Nike Air Max 90 Engineered Mesh iD (you can make the ones with cheetah print here)
Nike Air Max 90 HYP Premium iD (I used this shoe for the all black, grey, white and red versions)

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  1. I love the red and the grey in the top ones

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