February has been a fun month! There were some highlights though: I told my family, friends and you about my pregnancy, had several photo shoots, dinners and get-together with friends, made video’s, ate a lot of sweet food and obviously regularly worked out in the gym. 

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We started with a visit to my brother and sister-in with the news that I’m pregnant. We ate pancakes to celebrate the great news.


My boyfriend and I made a video in which we told you about my pregnancy. Watch it here.

Model Diary February

Eating out with Annewil and Deborah (whom you know from their guest blogs and interviews!). Once in a while we plan a dinner date. We especially try out healthy food places. Annewil’s boyfriend was in India at this time, so of course we had to make a picture in this riksja. My bun did not quite fit into the bike.

February Model Diary

Whoehoe! Pink kettlebell! I can lift heavier than this though. Just so you know.

Model Diary February

We had our second ultrasound again! On this picture our little one is 12 weeks and 4 days old. The “15 cm” does not represent the length of the baby; it was in fact the size of a plum. We also saw the nub clearly come into view. You can read more about the nub and this ultrasound here.

Model Diary February

I was booked for a number of covers. These covers are not published yet, so all I have now is this #backstagefie #lotd. The photographer appeared to be also pregnant; (almost) exactly as long as I am! She will shoot me again as soon I have a visible pregnancy belly. Nice!

We ate stir fried sweet potato with maple syrup, almonds and raisins. This is by far my favorite. If this seems nice to you, take a look at this recipe, which is similar. 

February Model Diary

Going down town with friends a drink. That obviously meant alcohol-free drinks for me. 

Model Diary February

At work with my hubby! Maarten now has one day off during the week (he’s a senior consultant for the government). This week he had some work to do on his off-day, so we went to a local café to work. 

Model Diary February

I had a shoot in the woods where I always used to run with my brother. I am very happy with the result!

Model Diary February

Of course I worked out as well in February. A fun new thing in the gym: rings! 

I had an urge to buy these, but I could resist. 

This month it was Valentine! The flowers didn’t come from Maarten, unfortunately (new year, new chances, hun! ;))


We ate this delicious quinoa beet salad with pomegranate seeds. Again a sweet dish, indeed, as I found it hard to eat my veggies and healthy in general last month. The recipe can be found here.


Again sweet food: pumpkin soup. Yep, February was a tricky month for me, food-wise! 


Fortunately, the sun was shining and the spring flowers popped their heads above the ground to support me mentally. It helped! 


Tea and TV while I was prepping for a party at my friend Annewil.

I was invited as a VIP for the Beauty Awards. Unfortunately I had to leave before the dessert, because I had to get up on time the next day because of a photoshoot.

So far the highlights of last month! March has already brought me fun things, like shooting in France and visiting our aunt and her baby cats. I am looking forward to the rest of the month!

What was the best thing that February brought you?

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