Detoxing; is it useful or not? I had a conversation about it with a friend. She wants to do a detox treatment for an internal cleanse, better skin and of weight loss. I gave her my honest opinion on what I think about detox treatments. 

“Ang, I’m going to do a detox.”

“With those juices?”

“With those juices.”

“What for?”

“Just for a spring cleans, Ang. Should be good. ”

“For what?”

“Oh come on Ang, to get the toxins out of my system.”

“You think your body isn’t able to do that itself? Or is there something I have to know about your drinking habits? Let me smell!”

“Don’t be silly!”

“But seriously. You dont work with chemicals or something and ýou haven’t drunk poison, right?”

… silence …

“It also makes you lose weight, by the way.”

“You’re crazy.”

“And my skin will improve.”

“Says who?”

“Someone on Facebook in a health group. This woman had done it lost a lot of weight. And her skin improved.”

“Love, your liver is able to cleanse your body very well. Do you doubt that? ”

“Yes, look: pimples!”

“But how do you know if that is related to your liver?”

“Well, I read it everywhere!”

“Anyone can write anything. But there is no scientific evidence that detox treatments work.”

“But her skin got better!”

“She drank more water? That’s a very cheap detoxer. ”

“But what about that weight loss?”

“Logical, if you eat less. And of course you lose a lot of fluid as detox treatments restrict carbs as well. ”

“Well, it does work than, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but temporarily! Once you eat normally again after the detox, chances are great you’ll blow up like a balloon. ”

“Hmm … but haven’t you done a detox yourself?”

“I sure have, but I would not do it again. I’ve learned and I’m skeptical about it now. ”

“Is it really totally pointless?”

“Nope. It may be a nudge in the right direction towards a healthy, conscious diet. To break an unhealthy diet for example. But then it is not the detox treatment itself which helps, but the breaking of a pattern. And have you ever heard of the placebo effect? I can imagine that you will actually feel healthier after a detox if everyone tells you you’ll feel healthier afterwards. Furthermore, chances are great that you’ll continue a healthy lifestyle after such a treatment and then such a treatment has served a good purpose. ”

“I don’t know … it all sounds very logical, but I’d still like to try it for myself. If it doesn’t work, it won’t hurt much.”

“Well, careful though … only go for short detox treatments, don’t go into extremes (severe calorie/carbohydrate restriction), drink lots of water and take it easy. Indeed, there are certainly risks associated with detox treatments. Your body can get into ketosis and acidify, which in turn is risky for your reins and heart. ”

“Gee, I didn’t know that! What do you advise me to then? ”

“Read these very simple tips for a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, I would not focus on detoxing, but on prevention. Do so by including as much as possible fresh foods in your diet. Cook and snack as little as possible with pre-packed foods. You can find all sorts of healthy snacks here. Furthermore, you can limit coffee and especially alcohol, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. You may occasionally snack ‘bad’ stuff and Nutella will not kill you.”

“Very down to earth! So detox treatments are only necessary to break a pattern and need to be done carefully, but rather I’d just do sports, sleep well, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and limit alcohol? ”


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