Is there is a direct relation between eating bad food and having a bad skin?

Burger Skin; the effects of bad food on your skin

Is there is a direct relationship between eating bad foods like fast food and having a bad skin?

I just walked into Burger King to grab a cup of tea and keep myself warm inside the fast food restaurant, while waiting for my train after a day of shooting in the studio. Just two other customers and the cashier were there. The customers were eating – what I call – crappy food. I bet (but honestly am not sure of) the cashier eats this Burger King crappy food as well, as he works here.

Now here’s the case: I noticed that everybody in the ‘restaurant’ had really bad skin: rosacea, acne, dark circles under their eyes etcetera. In addition, some customers had really greasy hair.

I’m not saying that there is a direct relation between eating bad food like fast food and having bad skin. This was just my observation and thoughts.

Do you think there is a relationship between your eating habits and your skin?

Like fast food anyway? Here’s a recipe for a much healthier hamburger. Or try this vegetarian fast food burger!

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  3. What? There is no information in this article what-so-ever. Just the opinion of the writer that people at burger king look greasy. I had an acne breakout and was trying to research it. Please write a better article filled with facts and data. This article should be called “Burger Skin, My opinion of people in Burger King.” Thanks for wasting my time, lol.

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