International fashion model Deborah Schoutema prefers the green track, does plyometrics and doesn’t go anywhere without her flax seeds. In part two of our three-part series sweet potato Deborah talks about her lifestyle ànd shares a message she’d like to give to adolescent girls.

Featured image: Deborah Schoutema for Jolie

In part one of the interview series Deborah (Ulla Models a.o.) reflected on her career and gave us an insight in her personal life. Read part one of Deborah’s interview series here.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow do you stay in shape for modelling?
Deborah: Drinking water, being picky with the carbs, eating clean, practicing Pilates and doing my runs and plyometric.

Do you have a favorite gym?
Deborah: Just all green running tracks.

Do you follow a diet or do have any nutritional habits that help you to stay healthy and in shape?
Deborah: I just try to listen to my body, feed it well and pick my carbs carefully.

What’s the difference in being at home and being abroad for modelling regarding making healthy nutritional choices and how do you cope with them?
Deborah: Every country has its own specialties and popular ingredients. The trick is to be flexible and get the best of the kitchen in the country you’re staying. Only thing I really rely on are my flax seeds. They always travel with me.

Modelling can be quite exhausting; how do you stay fresh & energized when you are on a job?
Deborah: Drinking water and tea, making sure I have (dried) fruit and nuts with me.

A common phenomena is models bringing their own food to jobs, so they can make a healthy choice. Do you bring your own food to jobs? What do you bring?
Deborah: Depends if I had time to prep. If so I could bring a homemade nut bar or sugarless carrot cake and maybe yesterday’s dinner leftovers as lunch. But I have to say I like to eat what others provide me as well. I might bring my own bread or crackers though, cause I am intolerant to yeast and some grains.

Do you have advice for other models and women that want to eat healthy and lean regarding snacks to bring to work?
Deborah: If you have time and like to spend that in the kitchen, go experiment with no bake granola bars, vegan protein balls or sugarless, low carb cakes. Or take it easy and make sure you’ve got loads of berries, seeds and nuts at the office and put them in your yogurt. Or bring fried veggies and dip them in humus. Easy, but yummy!

Deborah Schoutema (Ulla Models)

Copyright: Richard Bakker

Society focusses a lot on the appearance of models they see in magazines and take their looks as an ideal. Is there anything you would like to say about beauty ideals and the appearance of models to young, adolescent girls reading your interview?
Deborah: That girls are just like fruits. They come in many shapes, colors and flavors and they are all just as important and just as tasty. Other then that I’d like to say I wake up in my PJ’s with messy hair, baby face and smelly mouth. I am happy they don’t take photos of that to show in the magazine, cause that way I would put one bad example.

A few short food questions: what’s your favorite healthy food places?
Deborah: Simple markets and organic stores, but also sophisticated vegan restaurants.

What does your typical breakfast look like?
Deborah: I get bored easily so I don’t have. Sweetness is the only requirement.

Favorite YOLO food?
Deborah: Fried banana, Dutch waffles with ice-cream and cheesecake.

If you would be a vegetable, you would be a …
Deborah: A sweet potato.

Thank you for sharing your message Deborah. I like that you’re very down to earth! To be continued …

Fashion Model Friday is a series of interviews with prominent fashion models from all over the world that have an inspiring message. 


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