Fashion Model Friday is a series of interviews with prominent fashion models from all over the world that have an inspiring message. In the last part of her three-part interview series Deborah (mother agency Ulla Models) gives us an insight in her natural skin care routine.

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Deborah: If it’s a white head I’d probably squeeze it.


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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems impossible for models to have good skin 24/7 the whole year round when you’re exposed to so many different products applied to your skin. How do you avoid getting stressed out skin and what would your advice to other models be?
Deborah: Treat it with nothing but natural oils or natural oil based products.

What kind of skin care products do you use?
Deborah: For cleansing I use an avocado oil cleanser enriched with rosewater. To hydrate I use coconut oil mixed with sheabutter or avocado oil.

What are your favorite skin care brands?
Deborah: Lavera Naturkosmetik (chemicals-free) and Pure Nuff Stuff (paraben and SLS-free).

Fashion Model Friday: Deborah's Skin Care Routine

How do you avoid getting spots and pimples?
Deborah: Mainly by not eating too much greasy food, sleeping with braided hair and keeping my face clean. Oh, and drinking water and staying away from alcohol.

What to do when you have a pimple on that important day?
Deborah: It is what it is. But if it’s a white head I’d probably squeeze it.

What are your favorite spa’s?
Deborah: The only spa I ever go to is the Turkish sauna at the gym.

— editor note —

This was the last part of Deborah’s interview series about her career & personal life, lifestyle, workout & skin care routine. I hope she’ll be back soon though …

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Questions for Deborah

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Featured image: Richard Bakker


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