Stress raises the cortisol hormone, which causes an increase of glucose in the bloodstream. We all know what that does to our body … right! It creates muffin tops, a belly roll and lovehandles. So what do we do? We minimize the stress! 

My life can sometimes be a real rollercoaster, being exposed to a lot of stress and doing a million things at the same time. My days have been exactly like this lately. So, when finally there was a morning that I had absolutely nothing scheduled, I changed my bathroom into a private spa and locked myself up with Aveda Stress Fix products.



I filled up my bath tub with hot water, lit candles, turned on my Enya cd and sprinkled a handful of Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts into the water. I took off my bath robe, let my toes measure the temperature and slipped into the water. As I let my head sink a little deeper into the water so my ears would be below the surface, I listened to the Celtic sounds that were deformed by the water. The pleasant aromatic scent of lavender, nutmeg, sage and vetiver deriving from the bath water soared through my bathroom. I closed my eyes and for a while, I forgot about everything. I relaxed completely and I must have even fell asleep, because half an hour later, a knock on the door made me come back to reality again. The bath water had cooled down; it was time for me to get back to my daily routine.

With a fluffy towel I padded myself dry and smiled at my rosy cheeks in the mirror.  The Soaking Salts mixture of organic sugars, mineral-rich bath salts and sunflower oil exfoliated and nourished my skin deeply, giving my skin a radiant glow and leaving it nice and soft. This was asking for a short dress with bare legs at the party tonight! So that’s what I did: I picked a cute short dress and wore it with bare legs, no stockings, just a little Aveda body lotion from the same Stress-Fix to accentuate my legs. I didn´t need to put on perfume, since this lotion has the same aromatic scent as my bath sugars, which I really love. You can imagine, that the party was great and I received a lot of compliments on my legs 😉


I have used the Aveda Stress-Fix line since a couple of months now and I am very content with these products. I can feel that they are nutritional for my skin and the aromatic scent has a therapeutic effect. Besides their Anti-Stress Fix line, that also contain a Stress-Fix rollerball, other lines in their assortment are Smooth Infusion, Outer Peace, Petal Essence, Inner Light and so on.

 By the way, did you know Aveda is very socially involved? To me, it is important to buy products that are socially responsible, to prohibit the support of social, health and environmental problems. Aveda is a pioneer in sustainability for the beauty industry; with their annual Earth Month project, Aveda collects money for clean water projects around the world. Take a look at their website to see what you can do to support their project!

At you’ll find all the locations where Aveda products are used and sold.





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