A cliché, but time goes by so fast.  Inspired by Dejlig’s “Best Of” I have therefore decided to occasionally look back on the previous month with you.

Most read articles


1. DIY recipe for natural sunblock
2. Do bananas make you gain weight?
3. Healthier cheesecakes

The DIY recipe for natural sunblock comes from Monica. She is an expert in aromatherapy. The recipe is based on coconut oil and is a good alternative to chemical sunscreen.

Most commented on


1. 7x Healthiest AH To Go Snacks
2. Pregnant Week 31 (part 2): Modeling, Disposable Underpants & Maternity Clothes
3. Mariannes letter to her body

Most proud of

1. Break Through Obsessive Behavior and Fear for Weight Gain
2. Is Detoxing Useful? My Thoughts

‘Proud’ is perhaps not the right word to describe how I feel about the article “Break Through Obsessive Behavior and Fear for Weight Gain.” I do think this is a very valuable article, as I often get in touch with women who are dealing with such behavior and anxiety. I hope this article contributes to the realization that performing “too healthy” behavior is a realistic health risk.


1. Resources
I’ve added a list of resources in the sidebar of my blog (viewed from a desktop computer). These are pillars that quickly help you find basic information. They include my “How to bake sugar free“, “Guide for aspiring models” and “Shopping list: 25 basic healthy foods.”

2. New guest blogger
Since June Marianne, plus-size model and advocate of body acceptance and size diversity in fashion, writes for Great Body & Skin. You can read all her blogs here. Would you like to become a guest blogger at Great Body & Skin as well? You can!

3. Record number of visits
My blog was visited more than a whopping 70,000 times this month. Wow!

4. Milestone on Facebook
The 3.600th liker liked my Facebook page. To celebrate, I am currently hosting a Reebok sneaker give-away.


pregnant baby bump week 31

1. Working out during my pregnancy
I wrote a Dutch article for Foodness about how I work-out during my pregnancy.

2. Avocado hair mask
All For Fashion Design mentioned my video in which I show how to make a DIY avocado hair mask in the article “20 little known beauty secrets that you need to know


1. Modeling
Since the 5th month I temporarily stopped modeling because of my pregnancy. I recently had my first careful attempt to return to work; for the occasion as a pregnant model. I did a fitting for pregnancy lingerie product packaging. Unfortunately, my breasts were too big, my bump still too small and the knickers were too big my butt too small. Fortunately I are already have some nice new options for pregnancy jobs, including a magazine job and a job thorugh my French agency.

2. My product in stores 1
Not 100% sure yet, but a big Dutch concern asked for a collaboration in which a product designed by me can be bought at their stored. 

3. My product in stores 2
Another Dutch company contacted me for the same kind of collaboration. The product will be sold online as well.

I can’t say too much about both these potential collaborations yet, as nothing is 100% sure yet. With both companies, I had a brief preliminary chat and follow-up conversations will soon take place. Exciting! I of course I’ll keep you informed if there are any developments.


1. Birthday
It was my birthday! I celebrated it in private with just my love, close relatives and besties. In the morning my love brought me breakfast in bed. 


Such a sweetheart 💕 #birthday #breakfast #bed #dikkeliefs

Een foto die is geplaatst door Great Body & Skin (@greatbodyskin) op

2. Away for the weekend
I checked out for a lovely weekend at the Belgian Ardennes with friends. In the evening I took a bath while having an ice cream and my friends were doing the dishes. I slept in long and we did board games at the fire place.

3. Fitness
… for preggers. I stopped working out at the gym a while ago, but recently picked up on pregnancy fitness. I missed working out so much and am happy to be able to get some physical exercise. 

In the media

Gay couples can now get married in the United States! Fortunately, because gay people not having equal rights as heterosexual couples is of course nonsense.

What was your most striking news of June?

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