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In my 7th (food) diary I look back at last week: lots of tissues, blood on set, my part in a model health intervention and more.

Runny Nose

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] had a bit of a cold after coming back from the Swedish wilderness. Maybe it was the heavy rain that surprised us during a canoe trip on the lakes. Or it might have catched a cold by jumping into the Swedish lake that was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Either way: after I got home my nose just kept running and running. While the nose kept running, I had to stop running in order to recuperate a bit. I stayed in bed for two days, watching two seasons of Dexter. Although it didn’t completely cure my runny nose, these two days in bed were a very welcome treat!

Badly Injured

By the time it finally seemed that I was recuperated enough to pick up on running again, I seriously injured my achilles tendon. During a photo shoot for The Amazones (a soon to be launched project that I’m part of) silly me sat down in the windowsill which was actually not a windowsill, but a huge, 100 (??) kilo wooden board on a radiator. Ans sits down on the plank to put on her lovely red heels, boards slides off the radiator, Ans slides with her butt towards the floor and catches the plank with her achilles tendon. We didn’t even start shooting and there was already BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Well, that’s actually not true, there wasn’t blood EVERYwhere, but there indeed was some blood involved. If you want to see the damage to my foot click here (warning: the image might come off as hideous). Ps: many thanks to the lovely girls that took care of my foot!

The Amazone girls and me. I'm wearing my € 15,- Christmas dress.
The Amazone girls and me. 

Wellness Weekend, High Quality All-You-Can-Eat Sushi & the Casino

Meet my hubby. I like his 'cowlick' (is that the right translation? I'm not sure, but it sounds too funny!).
On our way to a wellness weekend. Meet my hubby. I like his ‘cowlick’ (is that the right translation? I’m not sure, but it sounds too funny!).
Fashionably injured. How do you like the new Nike's?
Fashionably injured. How do you like the new Nike’s?

Awesome, getting seriously wounded right before my wellness weekend. Great job and a perfect opportunity to mimic a synchronized swimmer in the pool (the way they stretch one leg and hold it above the water worked pretty well for me to keep my bandage dry). The sauna was very relaxing to the point that one of my friends started a crushed ice fight.

Fitness and sauna after!
Fitness and sauna after!

PS: no sauna without a prior session at the gym (which I attended all alone; my lazy ass friends were already in the sauna when I took this picture :O).

All alone in the gym for my pre-sauna workout
All alone in the gym for my pre-sauna workout

People think I am making a joke when I say that I (model, woman) don’t like shopping. It’s actually not a joke: I only like grocery shopping and maybe a tiny bit of online shopping when I REALLY need it. So I will mention only shortly that I went to Primark (to capture us wearing these ridiculous shades). Came back to the hotel with a dress that was so cheap that I feel sorry of the child workers every time I’m wearing it.

Grocery shopping with my boy. I caught him red-handed at the chocolate shelf.
Grocery shopping with my boy. I caught him red-handed at the chocolate shelf.

Where else to go for dinner than an all-you-can-eat sushi ‘food feast barn’ when you skipped lunch and are hungry as a bear? Exactly! The downside of these infinitely lot of seats ‘barns’ though is that they are so … barny … d’you know what I mean? In regards to these barn-type of sushi restaurants, where you can order as much food as you want, I seriously question things like the quality of the food. It soothed my conscience that at this All-You-Can-Eat Sushi restaurant, 1) the waiter introduced himself (as Pho, Phu or Phi), 2) we could ‘only’ order 2 small dishes per round per person, 3) all food was fresh, 4) everything that you ordered, but didn’t eat had to be paid extra for and 5) the food tasted very good. My favorite bite-size dish: 2 huge tempura shrimps in mango sauce. Oh, and the dessert was pretty good as well (but please don’t tell my booker ;).

As my friends and I feel too old to wiggle our behinds in the club, our night consisted of squandering our money in the casino. I was also constantly worried to fall down the stairs, face-plant, in the middle of the room, while trying to look elegant. Wine and high heels are not my best combo.

Ready to go trash some money at the casino. Ps: we spend € 0,- lol; best feeling ever!
Ready to go trash some money at the casino. Ps: we spend € 0,- lol; best feeling ever!

VDM Health & Mental Coaching

Best thing last week: the VDM Health Academy, initiated by VDM Models, which supports models both physically (fitness & nutrition) and mentally. My part in this health intervention is giving health/nutritional education by means of an entertaining approach.

The girls and me talking about food.
The girls and me talking about food.

An important aspect of health/nutrition is of course a mental matter, which I find important and satisfying to pay attention to. Without wanting to come across as very poignantly: I am so thankful to be working with this group of adolescent girls (slash models)! As I have been where they are now and know about the paths that they probably are going to take, I feel strongly connected to, and involved with them. I’m excited to seeing them grow as a model and a person!

What else happened this week

  • 2 shoots;
  • worked on my blog (I never expected that a blog requires this much time to keep it up and running, so I’m hiring!);
  • had a BBQ to celebrate Dave’s (guest blogger Annewil’s boyfriend) 33rd birthday;
  • had a casting for a Parisian modeling agency;
  • new episodes of my favorite show ‘Expeditie Robinson’ online!
  • I reached 3.000 likes on my Facebook page;
  • had my first cervical cancer examination (eek!).

Till next time,


  • What do you think about All-You-Can-Eat Sushi ‘food feast barns’ and Primark?
  • Have you had a cervical cancer examination before?

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