[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood morning on this beautiful sunny Monday morning (depends on when and where you’re reading this, but this perfectly describes my current situation)! How has your weekend been? As it is festival season: have you attended any festivals this weekend? Amsterdam food festival Rollende Keukens for instance? 

I love food festivals

I would have loved to be there, but unfortunately I had to miss this event, where mobile fooderies unite into one big open air restaurant. Hopefully I will get another chance next year, as I love food festivals, especially those with organic, raw and health as the theme. So if you have tips on that kind of food festivals, please leave them behind for me, as well as for my readers in the comments below!

My own food festivals: the American way

So no, I haven’t actually been to a food festival this weekend. Instead, I had my own little food festivals. Or should I call them food ‘feasts’?  

My weekend started with sleeping in with my boyfriend and watching an episode of Breaking Bad in bed. After that there was my friends wedding preparation at the hairdresser and the wedding location. At 6 PM we arrived at our friends house for a big American food party with 8 friends. All of us brought something with us: some brought a starter, others a main course, dessert or side dish.

Everybody did their up most best and we were treated with amazing dishes! One couple for example made us a string bean oven dish and another couple made a us desert that quite resembled my oven baked oatmeal pie. From the latter I only took a little bite by the way, as it contained lots of processed sugar. It’s all about making choices baby!

You see, my hubby and I brought  my mango-beet-goat cheese Christmas timbale as a main course (as it is not mango season, we used oranges instead of mango) and gazpacho (no preservatives, low sodium, no sugars added etc.) as a starter. After that, plus 2 red wines, I thought it was better to just stop there. Apperently and fortunately my friends really loved the timbale, so I didn’t have to do the dishes.

My orange-beet-goat cheese timbale

The orange-beet-goat cheese timbale that I served my friends at our food party

The next day, on Sunday, I supposed to have a shoot with a lovely team that I work with regularly, but it was rescheduled, so my hubby and I had the whole day to spend together. We slept in long, watched an episode of Breaking Bad in bed again and had breakfast outdoor at Bagels & Beans. Right after breakfast and a few soy cappuccino’s I went to kickboxing class by foot and my hubby went to his own gym. We live in the town center, so everything is on walking distance from our house; perfect! Kickboxing class was great as ever: heavy, exciting, fun, burning muscles & a mental treat. 


Eeeerrrr … the Texan way?

After I come home from my kickbox class I had my post workout shake and spend a few hours working on an art project for which I book models. Late in the afternoon I shut down my computer to spend the rest of afternoon wandering around in the woods with le boyfriend.

A walk in the forest with le boyfriend

A walk in the forest with le boyfriend

I ended the day with steak in the sun on the terrace with friends. No, I’m wrong: of course we had to watch an episode of Breaking Bad in bed before we went to sleep! 😉


You probably have noticed that I have posted less blogs the last two weeks. That’s because I have been very busy with modelling, new partnerships (a.o. with a dietician/model, personal trainer of models, mental coach & psychologist/model, modelling agency and a group of models), two writing projects, that art project and oh yeah, my last make-up video tutorial took me while to edit as well.


A few backstage shoot selfies and snaps from last weeks:

After another shoot.

Flower girl!

After another shoot.

Models backstage

After my shoot. Love the make-up!

Models backstage

Yep, that’s quite a lot and it asks for a lot of energy. That’s really okay, but it means that sometimes I just have to protect myself and plug out on time. Or it means that in the evening I go to bed instead of writing a new blog post. 

I don’t know how busy the next few months will be with modelling, but I expect that these partnerships/projects will ask for a lot of attention in the upcoming months. Some things are not very concrete yet and other things are, but are just not ready to share yet, so I can’t go into details too much right now. There is one thing that I can tell you though, and that is that some of these partnerships/projects will be very much of your interest if you are a model or if you have a modelling agency. If you don’t want to miss out on more updates about this, you can subscribe to my articles.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I don’t think that posting blog updates every day is doable anymore (unless I get help ;). I strive for posting a blog update every other day, starting from today on. How does that sound to you? 

Stay tuned …

On Wednesday I’ll be sharing my cinnamon eggs recipe with you!


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