Freelance (Health) Marketing Communication & Writing Services

Effective target group communication

Communication with target groups is crucial for your brand/business/company/magazine/blog (hereafter: ‘brand’). Communication allows your brand to influence the following affairs: 

  • Relationship | Build a strong relationship with your brand’s target group(s);
  • Image | does your brand’s desired image match your reputation?
  • Involvement| Increase involvement with your brand’s target group(s);
  • Behavior | It will become easier to persuade target group(s) to perform desired behavior (for example ‘perform healthier behavior’ or ‘make a purchase’).

Therefore, high quality communication is a strong instrument to reach your brand goals. Communication should therefore be top-of-mind with your brand.

Communication starts with reaching out to your brand’s target group(s) through relevant channels. In a language spoken by the target group(s), with a strong message that fits the communication goal. I can help you with that. 

Why I can help you 

  • 6 years of communication education;
  • Bachelor of Communication;
  • Master of Science (Communication Science, specialized in Marketing & Health Education);
  • 6 years of experience with writing online and offline content (print magazines, blog articles, newsletters, event invitations, press releases and academic theses);
  • expert in targeted writing, health marketing, health education, health communication and marketing communication.

What I write about

I am able to write about basically anything when the information is provided, but as you can see on my blog, I do have some specialties:

  • modelling
  • beauty
  • skin care
  • mental health
  • psychology
  • eating disorders
  • body image
  • beauty ideals
  • physical health
  • fitness/workouts
  • sports apparel
  • nutrition (tips, busting myths, recipes etc.)


To request my freelance writing services (in Dutch or English, online or offline) or obtain a rate quotation, please complete the form below.  If you prefer to contact me by other means, you can: