Summer is just around the corner; reason enough to dust off your sneakers and get in shape! Would you like to know how? Read on!

Journalist Julia Miteva interviewd me about how to stay in shape the whole year around: 

A weight loss diet won’t do the trick

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to model and health educator Angela Willemse it is important to keep an eye on your nutrition but also to be sure to get enough physical exercise throughout the year. Angela: “Most people think that dieting is the fastest way to lose some weight, but solely sticking to a (weight loss) diet is in fact not the best idea; you will be left with a slim, but weak body. Regular strength training is very important as a supplement to your weight loss diet. By exercising enough you will soon lose the excess pounds and will be able to welcome a brand new body with muscle definition.”

Get off your butt!

Angela’s motto is ‘eat clean, train dirty’ and it should be yours too! Using machines in a dusty gym is something of the past: it’s time to get off your butt and move! Go for a sport which will require you to work your ass off, such as kickboxing and cross fit, or join a boot camp group. These sports will target your muscles and endurance. Outdoor sports are Angela’s favorite. Angela: “By training outdoors you are recharging your body with vitamin D, which is good for your mood, bones and beautiful teeth.”

Eat clean, train dirty

Your new motto: eat clean, train dirty, the whole year around!

Eat clean, train dirty

Whether you want to work on your immune system or a slim, strong and fit body, the combination of healthy diet and exercise is crucial for all of these aspects. Being in shape is not time-bound, especially for models: if you’re aware of your diet and exercise regularly, you will never have to stress about getting your body bikini ready. So ladies: eat clean, train dirty, all year round!


Text: Julia Miteva
Image: Rob Durand



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