I regularly get asked if I know how to get rid of dark undereye cirkles; a good reason to write down some words about this topic! In this article I differentiate puffiness from dark under-eye circles, list probable causes of dark under-eye circles and suggest ways to get rid of the latter. 

Puffiness vs. dark circles

Let me first define and differentiate undereye puffiness from dark under-eye cirkles, as they get mixed up a lot:

  • Under-eye puffiness 

Under-eye puffiness is a swelling underneath the eye, caused by a accumulation of fat or fluid due to water imbalance. 

For now I won’t discuss under-eye puffiness or how to get rid of under-eye puffiness any further. If you are looking for ways to get rid of under-eye puffiness, please let me know and I will discuss this topic in another article.

  • Dark undereye circles

Dark under-eye circles are blueish or purplish. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the skin that is discolored. The discoloration visible israther caused by the color of the underlying tissue of the skin that shines through the skin. As such, dark undereye circles can be caused by:

a) the color of veins and capillaries shining through the skin, appearing blue. 
b) oxidated blood from leaking blood vessels. This is the result of genetic disposition. 
c) the dark color of grey periosteum shining through the skin.

Cause of dark under-eye circles

You understand now that dark under-eye circles are caused by the blood vessels and/or the underlaying tissue shining through the skin. The probability of this to happen increases as your skin is thinner, or when you have little fat tissue or collagen, mainly in your face, under your eyes.

How to get rid of them

So let’s say you want to get rid of them for any kind of reason whatsoever. I would totally understand, as I have them too, not liking them at all. At shoots I always felt a bit embarrased arriving at the job with no maeup on, visibly showing my dark circles. Or were they just darker in my head, as my focus would constantly be at my under eye area, instead of all other things that made my face model-worthy? 

Anyway, I went to look for ways to get rid of them and this, apart from healthy eating habits, is what I found out:

1. Orange concealer
You can obviously use a concealer if you don’t have a shoot (for aspiring models: you always ought to come to a set with a clean face). What’s important though is to use a concealer with an orange undertone, such as the orange under eye concealer by Inglot that I am using in this natural casting makeup tutorial.

2. Drink more water
Dark undereye cirkles can be caused by toxins in your body. Drinking enough water – about 1,5 liters, depending on eg. your lifestyle – helps to flush out the toxins from your body, thereby decreasing the discoloration.

3. Vitamin K
Dark undereye circles can be a sign of a vitamin K deficiency. Taking a vitamin K supplement may decrease the discoloration.

4. Allergy?
During summer I have most last of my allergies. As such, this is also the season that my under eye area is more blueish. That’s a typical allergy verschijnsel. What you can do is find out if there is anything you are allergic to and eliminate the allergen.

5. Don’t age
Okay that’s kind of a joke, but it’s true: when we get older, our hormonal balance changes and collagen production decreases. I don’t believe that we can slow down ageing, but we càn take procautions to make sure we don’t age faster. This will take a whole new article though. Let me know if interested!

6. Gain weight
As I stated before, the less fat tissue you have in your face, the higher the probability of having dark under-eye circles. Gaining weight or making sure not to lose weight too much can be a solution.

7. Reduce stress
Stress increases the cortisol hormone in your body, which in turn increase your blood volume. This will make your blood vessels appear darker, and as such, they can be more visible through your skin.

8. Fillers
Dark undereye circles may be caused by thin skin, low amount of collagen and/or a low amount of fat tissue in the face. In that case, what you see is the greyish bone vlies shining through the skin, which appears as dark/blueish/purpleish discoloration. Collagen stimulating injectable fillers placed directly on top of the bone vlies in the tear trough create more fullness and volume, making the dark circles disappear for about a year.

I have tried these fillers 2 times before, but stopped using it last year, as I came to the conclusion that my circles were darker in my head than they actually were. Kind of regretting now that I have spend so many euro’s on it. 

Why did I bother?

Still, I’m glad I did it, because after the stuff had disappeared under my eyes after a year, I realized that with the fillers, I did not feel any different. Moreover, it became clear to me that my dark circles were darker ‘in my head’ than they actually were and that they weren’t really that bad. Since then I regularly don’t even use any concealer anymore at private, as I feel so comfortable without wearing it. I would almost say “why have I bothered so much?”, but I do understand that other women do bother. After all, I did as well.


My advice is to try the above remedies. Hold your horses though: you may try remedy no. 8 if you want to, but I do not recommend it. Only do it if the other remedies do not help, you really do not feel comfortable with your dark circles (which I am sure are darker ‘in your head’ than they actually are!) and you think you will feel better without the circles. Maybe you will than find out like me that yours are actually not that bad.

Note: there are more causes of dark under-eye circles. These are just the ones I discuss here.


Would you ever consider to use fillers to get rid of dark under-eye circles?


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