7x Healthy AH To Go Snacks

Picture this: you’re at the train station, your tummy rumbles and you haven’t got any healthy snacks packed. You could go for take-away fast food, but as you want to sustain your healthy lifestyle, you prefer a healthy option. In this article I have listed 7 of my favorite healthy snacks that you can buy at the bigger Dutch NS train stations at AH To Go to help you sustain your healthy lifestyle.


AH To Go offers several options for fresh fruit, such as grapes, strawberries, apples and banana. Banana is my favorite healthy snack. And no, they do not make you gain weight.


DIP Rode Paprika with Baba Ganush

(red bell pepper with baba ganush)

Red bell contains lots of vitamin C, more than an orange. Make your chrispy bell pepper snack tastier with a baba ganush dip. Baba ganush is pureed roasted eggplant with garlic and spices.


Näk’d Pecan Pie

The best bars they have, if it’s up to me. If you have never tried Näk’d yet, you really should! They are made from dried fruits and nuts. My favorite flavor pecan pie is made from dates, almonds and cashews. All Näk’d bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free. Psst: if you like raw date bars, you should check out my recipe for raw date energy bars.


Quinoa salad

AH to Go has a few lovely small salads in its assortment, such as this quinoa salad with green bell pepper and broccoli. In the package you’ll find a cup of lemon-coriander dressing and a bag of almonds and dried blueberries to garnish.


Fresh & crispy coconut

A package of healthy fats (omega 3) by means of a tropical surprise. Need I say more?


Leev maïswafels

(corn cakes)
These corn waffles (the same as rice cakes, but made from corn) are packed by 2 and made from organic corn. The chocolate layer makes them extra tasty. Note that the chocolate layer is not lactose free, as is consists of 18% milk powder. The layer is very thin though, so chances are great that if you are lactose intolerant, you can eat them without any problems.


MIX Walnoot en Cranberry

(walnut & cranberry)
Brain food! A hand-full of walnuts a day contributes to brain health and is beneficial for PMS complaints. Cranberries are full of vitamin C  and are beneficial if you suffer from regular urinary infections. Fibers are beneficial for digestion and intestinal health in general.


Tip: do you like quinoa salads? You should really try this recipe for spicy red quinoa salad with figs and raspberries.

What’s your favorite healthy to-go snack?

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  1. Ik ben fan van de banaan en noten. Ik sleep altijd een banaan en noten mee als ik een lange dag voor de boeg heb met afspraken en niet weet of ik kan eten, wanneer ik kan eten en waar ik ga eten.
    Karen recently posted…Let’s Talk: Hoeveel tijd kost bloggen?My Profile

  2. Wat een heerlijke snacks! De keuzes die ik vaker had moeten maken…gelukkig heb ik steeds minder vaak snacks onderweg nodig, maar dit zijn hele verstandige keuzes! bedankt voor de tips!
    janske recently posted…Lola Loves #1 Papieren stapelblokken (Hema)My Profile

  3. Super handige tips!!
    Samantha recently posted…SUMMERPROOF: MILKBRAIDMy Profile

  4. Ik vind de noten mix of de Nude mix lekker en gewoon handig om mee te nemen en even snel te eten als ik onderweg ben.Ik vind het fijn dat er nu veel meer gezonde opties te vinden zijn.

    • Angela Willemse

      Ja die grote bakken notenmix naturel bedoel? Die zijn ook fijn! Alleen als ik die koop dan eet ik hem niet in 1x leeg en moet ik zo’n bakje in mijn tas stoppen, met als resultaat dat alle noten bij thuiskomst los in mijn tas liggen. Bakje hersluit niet goed. Of bedoel je die niet?

  5. Die kokosnoot is mn favoriet 🙂
    Judith | recently posted…De leukste vaderdagcadeaus voor je foodie-papaMy Profile

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