Do you eat, for any reason whatsoever, gluten free and are you looking for inspiration for both gluten-free and healthy breakfasts? You are at the right address! Two days ago I published part 1 of my gluten free breakfast ideas and tips. I kicked off with smoothies, pancakes and porridge. Yum! In Part 2 of my gluten-free breakfast ideas and tips the spotlight is on bread and bars.

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You can make your own bread with for example:

The above linked flours are gluten-free. If you buy another brand, make sure to check for the gluten free label.

Rise and bind without gluten

Gluten in bread make your bread rise and prevent it from being crumbly and falling apart. It is therefore important to replace gluten in your bread recipes. You can do this with for example psyllium husk. Use 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk per 4 cups of flour and add 2 oz. extra fluid than described in your recipe.

You can furthermore bind your bread by adding the following products to replace gluten:

  • In water soaked chia seeds
  • In water soaked flax seeds
  • Applesauce
  • Banana puree
  • Egg
  • Yogurt
  • Quark

Ready-to-use gluten free bread mix

To make gluten free baking easier, you can opt for ready-to-use gluten free flour. This gluten free, whole grain bread mix is gluten free. Due to added ingredients like potato and corn starch and xanthan gum, you don’t need to add anything extra to substitute gluten.

Gluten free baking program

You can bake your bread in an oven or in a bread making machine. Make sure to use a bread machine with a gluten free program though, such as this one by Cuisine Art. The special program helps the bread to rise better.


Tasty varieties of bread that you can easily make yourself are for example:

Recipe | Spicy Pumpkin Gingerbread
Spicy pumpkin gingerbread. Not just for breakfast!


Pre-made gluten free breads

Not a baking queen? You can also find pre-made gluten free breads in health food stores and the organic section or freezer in your local supermarket. These are a few ready-made gluten-free breads to give you an idea of the options:

Rice cakes

Finally, you can choose rice cakes. These are naturally gluten-free. Make sure to always check for the gluten-free label.


I find bars especially ideal when I don’t have much time to eat breakfast or need to have breakfast on the run. Bars provide you with energy, often from ingredients like nuts, grains and dried fruit. Eat 2 bars as breakfast, because one bar is with an average of 200-250 kcal each just a too scanty breakfast.

You can make bars yourself, but buying is easier. Gluten-free bars without (too much) artificial ingredients include those from:


Making the bar yourself is very easy: combine soaked dried fruit like figs, apricots and pitted Medjool dates with unsalted almonds or walnuts and oats (always double check for the gluten-free label) in a food processor. Mix until combined, form into a ball and roll out on a plate into a 3 cm thick layer. Cut into bars. Do you have celiac disease, make sure to prevent cross contamination.

raw food energy bars
Raw energy bars


Tip: these raw date energy bars count 207 kcal per piece. If you have 2 of them in the morning, they count as a full breakfast.


What’s your favorite breakfast on the go?

More gluten free breakfast tips and ideas to follow. Stay tuned …


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