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Great Body & Skin is expanding and is looking for enthusiastic models that have a facile ‘pen’ and want to present themselves in the categories of health, psychology or skin & beauty!

Perhaps you have a diploma on a shelf or are following a dual study alongside your modeling career. It’s a pity if you don’t bring your valuable knowledge into practice. Fixed working hours with an employer, however, can be hard to combine with modeling, but you don’t want to stagnate your development.

Put yourself on the map

I can help you spread your knowledge, present yourself and put yourself on the map as an expert in your field. I do this by offering you a platform here at

Besides coming up with topics and writing unique articles, you don’t have to do anything else at all. I take care of the technical side of your platform, I bear the cost and take care of the editing, publication and promotion of your articles. With 60.000 + pageviews a month* and a social media network of 9.500 followers, your articles will be guaranteed read  lot.

* average per month over the last 3 months

If you have your own blog or website, you also harvest the benefits of the traffic generated by your guest blogs to your website. You will furthermore receive event invitations and invitations for product testing. 

Categories to guest blog in

As a guest blogger at Great Body & Skin you may write articles in the following categories:

Inform, inspire and motivate, to support a healthy lifestyle

Taret group & goal

You’ll be primarily writing for models and secondary for women aged 18 to 35 with a healthy lifestyle. The general and main goal of your articles is to inform, inspire and motivate these groups, in order to support their healthy lifestyle. Please note that health consists of the factors social, physic and mental. At Great Body & Skin mental health has priority.

These are a few of the guest bloggers that appeared at Great Body & Skin


My interest is primarily in women and men aged 21 to 35 with experience as a model. This is important to be able to write relevant articles, as this requires bonding with readers and knowledge of their culture.

Furthermore, it is important that you have a certain expertise. For example: you have studied or currently study Psychology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Food Technology or Sport & Exercise, are taking a training course or have gained relevant work or life experience. At this moment a (former) model  that studied Gender Science and wrote her thesis on models and the embodiment of the ideal of beauty is linked to Great Body & Skin.

Are you a model without relevant study or work experience, but you have a journalism or communications background or you are simply a great writer? Do you like to conduct interviews with for example modeling agencies and designers? Perhaps we can also help each other!

You’re not a model, but do have relevant study or work experience? Don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Finally, I committed to regularity. I therefore like to agree on fixed weekly or monthly days on which your articles will be published.

Examples of guest blogs

I can imagine you’re curious on how your guest blogs will look like. You can take a look at the ‘Guest Blogs‘ section. This category is displayed in the menu bar at the top of the website and can easily be found on all pages.

All blogs from guest bloggers are gathered in this category. Guest blogs are also indexed in the category (eg Psychology or Skin & Beauty)  they belong in. As such, you can see that this article by guest blogger Deborah can be found in the category ‘Guest Blogs‘ as well as in ‘Skin & Beauty‘. The article on ‘Curves on the Runway‘ by ex-model Eline can be found in the category ‘Guest Blogs‘ and ‘Psychology‘.

Get in touch

Are you interested in guest blogging at Great Body & Skin? Let me know be filling out the contact form on this page. If possible, add your most relevant articles and a link to your website. A link to your LinkedIn would be great as well.

Looking forward to your message!

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Hey! I'm Angela; a 30-something mommy and a now REAL #fitchick, digi nerd, photo & film shooter hobbyist, MSc specialized in Health Education, marketingspecialist and an international fashion model for 20 years. I've worked for eg. Viktor & Rolf, Nivea, Escada, Elle, Vogue and Glamour. I write about everything that I find worth sharing. Go ahead an take a look around. Don't hesitate to share your thought sor opinions. Enjoy!


  1. Ik zou heel graag via deze site willen schrijven over gezondheid, gezond eten, afvallen en Paleo. Mijn naam is Collette, moeder van 4 kids en eigenaresse van een gezondheidscentrum. Ooit begonnen als Klassiek Homeopaat, daarna de Orthomoleculaire Therapie, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) en CEASE (grote afkorting voor het werken met autistische mensen).

    Door het werken met deze gezondheidsgerelateerde disciplines kwam ik bij ,een voor mij groot deel van de veroorzaker van gezondheidsproblematiek, namelijk voeding. Mega interessant!
    Januari 2014 heb ik een figuurcorrectie studio overgenomen waar ik o.a. werk met het Bailine principe en december 2014 heb ik mijn Gewichtsconsulente diploma gehaald.
    Afgelopen juni ben ik geslaagd voor de specialisatie Paleo.

    Ik denk dat ik qua kennis wel genoeg te vertellen heb maar het enthousiast maken van mensen voor gezonde voeding dat lijkt me helemaal Top. Mensen veranderen dat kan ik niet maar misschien door goede informatie zelf tot inzicht laten komen is worth the try.
    Ik begin over 2 weken met het bloggen op mijn eigen site dus heb nog geen referentie op dat gebied en qua de vraag over het modellen werk, ik begon als model toen ik 15 jaar was en heb shows gedaan voor o.a. Karl Lagerfeld en Schönhage Amsterdam.

    Ik hoop zo voldoende informatie gegeven te hebben en hoop op een positief antwoord.
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Collette Janssens R.Hom.
    Collette Janssens recently posted…KefirMy Profile

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