Do you, for whatever reason, eat gluten free? Chances are that you are out of inspiration for gluten free breakfasts fast. The gluten-free supermarket shelf is full or gluten-free bread, cakes and bars, but these are unfortunately not always healthy.

In a series of three articles I’ll give you an insight into which gluten free foods I like to eat for breakfast and tips on what you can eat as a gluten-free breakfast. Use it as an inspiration for simple, healthy, gluten-free breakfasts, so you can vary with what you eat in morning. Today I will kick off with smoothies, pancakes and porridge. Meanwhile, part 2 – breads and bars, came online.

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With a good juicer and blender can vary endlessly with smoothies.


A juicer is especially useful if you want to juice vegetables, as a juicer separates the fibers from juice. The advantage is that the juice is easier to drink and, in my opinion tastier,. The disadvantage is of course that valuable fibers are not preserved this way.


A blender is easier cleaned than a juicer and preserves fibers of fruits and vegetables in your smoothies. The most ideal situation is having a kitchen machine that has the functionalities of both a juicer and blender. That way you can juice vegetables and high fiber fruits and then add the juice to your mix in the blender.

A handy food processor that has a juicer and blender is this Jason.

Tasty combinations for smoothies are:

  • (raw) cacao powder, avocado and red fruit
  • Spinach, avocado, lemon and carrot
  • Yogurt or cottage cheese, spinach, orange and strawberry
  • Peanut butter shake (recipe)
  • Forest fruit smoothie (recipe)
  • Chocolate smoothie (recipe)
  • If you dare: green smoothie with chlorella and acai (recipe)
  • If you have more time, try making banana cashew milk (recipe)
Fashionable Pink Forest Fruit Smoothie
Deliscious breakfast: (also lactose free) forest fruit smoothie (recipe)


Bake pancakes the same way you you bake regular pancakes, but replace wheat flour with for example:

These flours are naturally gluten-free. If you buy any other brand, please double check if your gf flour is truly gluten free. You can read how to here.

Buckwheat Pancakes { Guten & Lactose Free }
Tip: lekker recept voor glutenvrije boekweitpannnenkoeken


Porridge is wonderfully belly-warming in the morning. If you dont have a lot of time in the morning, you can make porridge the night before. In the morning, briefly pre-heat your porridge in a sauce pan. Add some milk of your choice or water, otherwise your porridge becomes too thick.

Make your gluten free porridge with for example:

Do you have the right flakes at home? Then you should really give these recipes a try:


Which of these breakfasts are you going to give a try? Don’t forget to leave your own addition to these breakfast tips and ideas in the comments below!

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