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This morning I received a text message from my dad. “Can you come online on Skype, honey?” Fifteen minutes later my dad’s face popped up on my computer screen. Although it was not the reason for the call, as it turned out, dad soon began talking about breasts. It seemed that he had landed on a video about breasts. This involved science and therefore, according to dad, it was permissible that he was watching a breast video.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he breast video was hosted by YouTuber Laci Green. She is fun and so inspiring! On her own channel (Laci Green) she shares interesting facts about the female body. She takes away many taboos among young girls by discussing matters concerning sexuality. As you know her from above movie about breasts and whether now or not BH need.

Bra or no bra

But what is her answer to the question whether we should or should not wear a bra? When I asked my dad about the final conclusion of the video, he replied that he actually didn’t pay attention to that. So I watched the video myself to hear about the conclusion. To answer the bra-or-no-bra-question, Laci refers to a scientific study that concluded that we do not need to wear a bra. This conclusion is based on results showing that the ligaments of Cooper, tissue which hang your breasts to your chest, do not stretch without a bra. In fact, wearing bras might even actually stimulate stretching of these ligaments! 

do we really need bra's

The Cooper’s ligaments made visible. – outtake from above video

Small or large breasts

However, the study concludes with the discussion that the Cooper’s ligaments can indeed stretch under the influence of for example running. After all, if you are forcely build, you know how heavy your girls can bounce even when you are wearing a bra. Furthermore, the researcher himself understands that to be able to draw representative conclusions, it is needed to include much more than 330 women in a study; at least 100 times more! Moreover, Laci wonders whether the study also included women with larger breasts, or if only medium and small breast sized women participated in the study. It is obvious that the effects of not wearing a bra will be larger than on women with small breasts.

Why research this subject?

The reason why I like Laci so much: she rightly asks herself why in the first place it nessecairy to investigate whether we should or should not wear a bra to prevent sagging of our breasts. As Laci indicates, sagging of breasts is something natural and for many women inevitable. Women may feel that they have ugly breasts when they are saggy and feel that they need to prevent sagging of the breasts. That is not very feminist!

Nipples up or down

What can we learn from this? It initially does not matter whether you do or do not wear a bra, but more research on this subject needs to be done. Would you like to know whether you should or should not wear a bra, think logical and wear  a bra if you have heavy breasts and when you go running. Secondly, we can learn from this video that these kind of studies are actually quite stupid, because who gives a f**k if your nipples are pointing up or down?


Do you always wear bras?


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