My best beauty tip and that of other models? It’s unexpectedly simple and inexpensive: water, water and again: water. Drinking enough water ensures a moisturized skin. A moisturized skin that is more elastic, looks fuller and shows fewer signs of aging. It also helps prevent impurities like blackheads and pimples through better detoxification.

For these reasons I drink a lot of water. If I drank too little water for a few days, it immediately shows: my skin show dry spots, fine lines and my lips dry out.

[dropcap]Per[/dropcap] day need about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid. This amount is dependent on among others your height x weight, temperature and your activity level. The heavier and taller you are and the more you exercise, the more fluid you need. 

Juices and soda’s

Of course you can drink juices or soft drinks to hydrate. Be aware, however, that many drinks contain a lot of sugar and that many drinks, such as bottled juice, contain added sugars. A glass of it won’t do much harm, but drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of it per day isn’t the best choice. Chances are you’re going to see this back on your skin (impurities), your weight (gain) and your teeth (cavities). In addition, alcohol actually dries out, instead of providing you with hydration. Therefore you should drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol you consume.

Rather water

So the message for a healthy skin is: drink more water! That’s easier said than done. Water doesn’t taste very well by itself. If you want to drink ore water, you need to get used to the taste. Believe me: you will get used to it and in the end you won’t know better.

7 tips to drink more water

To help you to drink more water I am giving you eight easy tips:

  1. Drink herbal tea

Tea is a good choice in the winter when water just a little too cold. Herbal teas come in very tasty flavors like chocolate, fennel and licorice. That way, drinking water is definitely no punishment!

  1. Flavored water

Add a herbs and fruit to your water for flavor. Fill a jug or water bottle with water and add:

– a piece of peeled fresh ginger, a bundle of mint and some slices of lime;

– cucumber and dill;

– halved strawberries;

– lemon slices and mint;

– ginger, lemon and lemon balm;

– lavender and mint.

  1. Big bottle

Carry a large bottle throughout the day (keep it in your bag, on your desk or in your hand).

  1. Combine

Teach yourself to drink a large glass of water after every meal or snack.

  1. Dilute

Add water to your juices. This way you’ll incorporate less sugar and more water. This tip is especially helpful for juice drinkers who prefer a calm transition from juices to water.

  1. After getting up

Teach yourself to drink 2 glasses of water directly after getting up in the morning. This also directly stimulates your intestines.

  1. Log your water

Keep track on your water intake on your phone. This will work with the app Waterlogged (for iPhone and Android).

  1. Mark your bottle

Buy a big bottle 2 liter bottle and divide the bottle with pencil stripes into parts. Write times next to the dashes. Half way your bottle your time mark should be 2 p.m. Around 2 p.m. you’ll know if you are on schedule with your water intake. Chances ar great that you’ve had enough water to drink in the end of the day.

Good luck!

With these 7 tips I’m sure that you’ll be drinking enough water throughout the day.

Do you have any additional tips to drink more water? Leave them in the comments below.



Featured image: Minke Kroeze

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