[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummertime; everyone wants to have a bikini-proof body to enjoy spending time on the beach or to go on holiday without having to worry about their figure. But how do you get a bikini-proof body? Topmodel Tahnee Frijters shares with us her secret.

Topmodel Tahnee Frijters (25, Elite Model Management Amsterdam) recently won the Dutch Model of the Year 2012 award. She has worked for major brands such as Garnier, Yves Roger, Palmolive, After Eden and Gaastra. Tahnee has a beautiful body; no wonder she often works for lingerie and swimwear clients. Tahnee shares with us how she keeps her body in great shape.




I am very fond of sports. Whenever I have a day off, I like to spend an hour in the gym. I do this not only to stay in shape, but also to get energy. I vary a lot in the sports that I do; one day I attend a Pilates class, the other day I attend a body shape class and again another day I box. This way I train different muscle groups each day. 

15-minute abs workout at the hotel

As a model, I travel a lot and can’t always go to the gym. However, in order to stay in shape, I do a daily abdominal fifteen-minute workout. Training your abs for only fifteen minutes a day is enough to create beautiful and tighter abs within a short time. This is what I do: in the morning I just grab a towel from the hotel, put it beside my bed and do my exercises before I start working. 

Ab YouTube video’s

Many people don’t know what exercises they need to do when I talk about doing an ab workout. It is therefore the easiest to use YouTube. You just lie down, put your iPad next to you and let a video guide you. Here’s a handy video. This video takes only 8 minutes and contains 9 different exercises. You just do exactly what the man in the video tells you to do. The man in the movie encourages you tremendously! After this 8 min, it is best to repeat the video or to choose another ab video, since an 8 minute ab workout is not enough. 

Getting lean chatting

You do not like sports? Go for a walk every day. Especially during summer this is very doable and actually quite nice! A walk on the beach or around a neighbouring park is very good to stimulate your fat metabolism. Do this with your boyfriend or a girlfriend, so you can catch up, chat and meanwhile work on your body! 

Treatments for tighter skin

Massages are very good both to burn fat and to get a tighter skin. So get your boyfriend at work or book a massage treatment nearby. Just one last tip: we never know when the sun will be shining in the Netherlands, so we must be prepared to get undressed anytime. Make sure that your nails are always polished nicely and your bikini line is always waxed; as soon as the sun shows herself, you can get undressed with confidence to soak up the sun!


Have a great summer!



Tahnee Frijters



Psst! You can also use Doutzens or Bryans YouTube video to workout in your hotelroom or at home!



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