I am so excited! On Sept 22nd, I’ll be running my farthest run ever during the Dam Tot Damloop.

Why am I doing this run?

As you might have read in my post from last Sunday, I am asking you to sponsor my ‘Run Against Aids’. The sponsored money is destined to the Dance4Life Peruan girls’ charity project, in which Peruan girls are sexually educated. Sexual education is still a taboo in Peru. This contributes to large numbers of HIV infected girls and a high incidence of abortions among young girls.

My application to help raise money for this cause through participation in the Amsterdam Dam Tot Damloop came in a little late. Therefore, I could only join the 6.4 km Ladies Damloop subgroup. Although this group would run fewer miles than the group I intended to join, I was really okay with being in the Ladies Damloop group. I just wanted to help raise money and be part of a big organized run. Yesterday, this feeling changed.


Exciting news!

Right now, I am feeling hyper, nervous and excited at the same time. Why? Annelieke at Dance4Life e-mailed me to let me know that it is possible for me to join the 10 mile (16.1 km) group during the Dam Tot Damloop!! Whoohoo!!!

This is the trail that I’ll be running that Sunday in less than two weeks …



Dam Tot Damloop 10 mijl 16.1 K parcours

The 10 mile Dam Tot Damloop trail leads from Amsterdam to Zaandam



I feel the pressure!

Oh my God! I am scared! What if I can’t manage to run 16.1 km?? I have never ever run 16.1 km before! My farthest distance ever run is 12.5 km … feeling the pressure with all of my sponsors donations in the back of my head!

Therefore, yesterday, I immediately wanted to go for a 14 km run. Unfortunately the weather really sucked. Today is a good day. While I am typing this, the sun is shining through my window and most of the things that had to be done today are done (an interview with a Dutch fashion magazine, iron my clothes, fold a huge pile of clothes, dust the cupboards). No excuses to go for a 14 km run right after I have written and published this post; 16 km here I come!

Training for Dance4Life!

Training for Dance4Life!








You do realize I need you to support me by sponsoring my run even more, right?  



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