Have you been pregnant or are you pregnant? You might recognize these totally improbable, hilarious, annoying and sometimes downright rude experiences I and 21 other women had during our pregnancy.

I’ll start sharing my experiences myself:

  1. I didn’t dare to poop
    When I just knew I was pregnant, the morning after we had a positive Early Predictor pregnancy test, I had to poop. I didn’t dare to press though, afraid of pushing the baby out of my uterus. * Plop *
  2. “Have your tits grown?” Getting this question a lot.

do we really need bra's

Watch the video to get an answer to the question wether small breasted women need a bra as well.

  1. “Were you in a relationship at that time?”

Immediately after I told guy that I was three months pregnant, he reacted surprised, asking if I had a relationship at that time. Asking him what he meant with “at that time”, he replied “I thought maybe you had a one-night stand and decided to keep it.” My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years and are kind of inseparable.

  1. “When will my nipples open up?”

I noticed that my nipples namely changed shape, but I could not discover an opening. Turns out you’re born with it. I still haven’t discovered them yet.

  1. “Huh? It’s as if your belly has become smaller? We’re not going to hide it, huh? Let it go.”

A response to my pregnancy belly progression photo. Not a comment that I could appreciate and  especially not since I only know the guy by face. Anyway, I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

  1. “You know you have to eat for 2, right?!”

To be precise, only 15% more, instead of 100% more.

zwangerschapsupdate: mijn eerste vreetkick

Eat for 2 … well, that’s what I did! Read it here.

  1. “Do you still have to throw-up so much? It can be seen, unfortunately.”

Last time I threw up was 18 years ago after 6 glasses of Passoa. And uh … thanks for “unfortunately”! 

  1. Women who have already given birth feel the need to tell all about how they went into labour, how vagina ripped and what a hell their childbirth was.

Fortunately, they conclude with “but it was well worth it.”

  1. I am suddenly tagged in all kinds of posts with links to the most horrible stories about giving birth.

Thanks a lot!

  1. “You just have this, you just have to that. But do everything in your own way!”
  1. I did not dare to jump anymore.

At bootcamp, we sometimes do a jump work: jumping jacks, box jumps, you know the drill. I don’t fully dare to continue with the jump work, worried that the baby pops out. Imagine that, like my mom had during her pregnancy, my cervix doesn’t seem to fully close!

Candice Swanepoel's Ballet Workout

Would you like to continue working out during your pregnancy? Give the ballet workout, which you can do at home, a try!

12. I could suddenly get nauseous by ugly outfits, interiors and even people.

I know: the latter. Shame on me!


These were my improbable, hilarious and sometimes plain annoying situations that I have experienced during my pregnancy so far. But wait, I have more for you to laugh at! These were the hilarious, weird and improbable situations and experiences that 31 other women have encountered during their pregnancy:

“I did not dare to sneeze because I thought my water was going to break.” – Silvy

“Since I knew that was pregnant I didn’t dare to lie on my belly, afraid of crushing he baby.” – Debby

“I always slept with my legs pulled. At 4 weeks I found out that I was pregnant and since then I didn’t dare to sleep with my legs tucked anymore, afraid that she could not breathe or something” – Anouk

“I was afraid of folding the little one in when I bent over to put on my shoes.”- Charissa

“Not daring to run, because I was afraid that the baby was shaken.” – Denise

“Apparently I had seen too many strange things on TV and could be sick to my stomach by the fact that something strange grew in my body and evolved into a child that would also come out of my body.” – Philomena

“I know someone that loved to ride behind a bus with her bike to smell the exhaust fumes.” – Els

 “I always I put my hands on my stomach and then push when I go to the bathroom. I didn’t dare to do that anymore when I was pregnant, afraid of crushing my baby.” – Joyce Lyn

“I have often sat on my butt on the floor because I was afraid that the baby was too tired in my belly.” – Joyce Lyn

“They said I had pregnancy diabetes and what did I do? Eat veeery very much sugar so my baby would be as big and heavy as possible at birth. “- Joyce Lyn

“During intercourse we were afraid that he would bump into your baby.” – Sammii

“I didn’t dare to go to toilet because I was afraid of losing my bowel or something. – Huseyin

“I once went bowling with friends and dropped out after the first pitch because I thought I did something wrong to my baby with my bowling movements. “- Amy

“I am a serious belly sleeper until I was pregnant, as I thought I’d crush the baby and that belly sleeping would deform the baby.” – Kelly

“When I was further my pregnancy I often held the little foot that stuck out (of my abdomen). I once thought my husband grabbed the foot too hard and had broken its foot. “- Stephanie

“When we were intimate (especially during the first few months) I was in fear that my boyfriend hit my belly too heavily and that it would crush the baby.” – Amy

“My partner never wanted to have sex. He was afraid that his penis would bump the baby against the head. “- Devil

“People from my neighbourhood with kids suddenly had the need to list what would all change once I gave birth. As if children were a burden and that I, an ‘inexperienced’ woman, would regret what I had started. “- Kelly

“My boyfriend said at one point; honey, now everyone knows you are not a virgin anymore! “- Stephanie

“Someone who wanted to sniff rubber bands.” – Alder

“Didn’t dare to sneeze because I think my water was gonna break.” – Silvy

“I suddenly loved the smell of musty basements and the smell of wet cement.” – Janneke

“The smell of fresh paint: loved it! As such, I spent many hours in the freshly painted room.” – Cindy

“My boyfriend after the 20-week ultrasound: ‘Honey, is it certain now that we’re having a girl, or is it possible that something can still grow onto it?”- Joyce


Do you recognize yourself in the above strange experiences? Leave your reply in the comments below and let me know about your experiences!

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