International fashion model & healthy foodie Patty Luijt has tons of healthy food places to share with you!

I try to eat as healthy as I can but I also like pizza, so I won’t say no to that!

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Q: Hi Patty! I’d like to know: what are your favourite healthy food places?

I know tons of really nice and healthy food places! One of my favourites is the Yoghurt Barn and for salads I love to go to Venkel. Last month I went to Sir Hummus for the first time and if you love hummus you should definitely go there! They’re all located in de Pijp (Amsterdam). I love to go there.

Q: And how about the gym. Do you go there? Do you have any favourite gyms?

I do. I usually go to the gym in my hometown Weesp, but I also like to go with my friends to some yoga places in Amsterdam. My favourite is Hotflow Yoga in the Jordaan. It’s a very small place, but with a really nice vibe.

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Q: That sounds like something I have to check out some time! Anyway, good that you work out, as modeling can be quite exhausting. It helps to stay energized. How do you stay fresh & energized when you are on a job?

I always take some healthy snacks with me; I have a low blood pressure and a low blood sugar, so I have to eat on a regular base. I always have some nuts in my bag and since a week I’ve got a membership for BitesWeLove. They will send some really good packages of nuts with dried fruit and sometimes with some chocolate as well!

Q: Oh yum, good idea to take them to your jobs! Besides snacks, do you also bring your own food to jobs? I see that happen a lot; models bringing their own lunch. I am sometimes guilty to that as well. 

In some cases I also bring my own salad. I love to make salads with quinoa and couscous and If I don’t have enough time I’ll stop at Albert Heijn To Go for their quinoa salad with greens and nuts, love

that one!

Don’t change yourself; you are who you are and you are beautiful!

Q: Funny, you could be my sister. I do that too! I think you have some really good advice for other models and women that want to eat healthy and lean regarding snacks to bring to work. Would you share it with us?

Check out BitesWeLove! They have 50 different tastes so there must be at least one you’ll love! Also: you can tell them what you don’t like so you don’t have to worry that you will get a taste that you don’t like. I furthermore like to take some grapes with me, it’s easy to grab a few during a shoot.

Q: You are obviously very well in shape. How do you do that?

I try to work out as much as I can. At my gym they have some nice group lessons that I want to follow: Yoga and Pilates. Also the personal trainer from my gym made a schedule that I should follow when I’m there.

Q: And how about the nutritional part: do you follow a diet or do have any nutritional habits that help you to stay healthy and in shape?

Not really, I try to eat as healthy as I can but I also like pizza, so I wont say no to that! Just try to go to the gym as much as you can so that pizza won’t really hurt you 😉

Q: I’m all pro-pizza as well 🙂 Do you think there’s a difference in being at home and being abroad for modelling regarding making healthy nutritional choices? If so: how do you cope with them?

I guess it’s harder to find your typical healthy stuff that you have at home. For example: I love peanut butter (the healthy one) and its really hard to find that abroad and if you find it it’s really really expensive. I always try to bring it with me!

I also bring my own mini blender; its so nice and easy if you can make your own smoothies wherever you are!

Q: What does your typical breakfast look like?

Once a week I make my own granola and mix it with some yoghurt and fresh fruits. I love it with blueberries! Making your own granola just takes like 20 min and you can enjoy it for the rest of the week!

diy recipe crunchy granola gluten free and sugar free
Patty: “Once a week I make my own granola.” Make your own granola with this recipe. own granola like Patty does.


Q: Love making my own granola as well! And you’re right: it’s easy to make a big jar of granola and enjoy it the rest of the week. Enough healthy stuff: what’s your favourite YOLO food?

Sandwich with peanut butter and sprinkles for sure!!

Q: Something else in the field of health: mental health is something I focus on a lot on my blog. You know that society focuses a lot on the appearance of models they see in magazines and take their looks as an ideal. Is there anything you would like to say about beauty ideals and the appearance of models to young, adolescent girls reading your interview?

Don’t change yourself; you are who you are and you are beautiful! In all of the pictures you see in magazines or the internet they used Photoshop! Nobody is perfect.

Q: If you would be a vegetable, you would be a …

Beetroot!! I love beetroot, the taste, the colour

Haha, thank you for this lovely interview, little beetroot! 


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