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I recently wrote an article about my weird eating habits. That eating habits can be much more extreme, is proven by the 12 candidates of the Dutch weekly television series “Bizarre Eaters” (“Bizarre Eters”), that will be broadcasted tonight at RTL 5.

During the weekly program, 12 candidates with a selective eating disorder will be followed and interviewed. A nutrition psychologist helps the candidates recover from their food addiction or food phobia.

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[dropcap]Bizarre[/dropcap] eating habits that the candidates want to recover from are among others solely living on porridge, spaghetti with cheese and white bread with chocolate sprinkles.

Bizar: de 22-jarige Renaishka eet alleen maar spaghetti met kaas

Bizarre: 22-year old Renaishka only eats spaghetti with cheese. Source

For the candidates it is very important to recover from their eating disorder, as their disorder ruins their dreams and is even about to ruin their complete life.

Watch the first episode of “Bizarre Eaters” this Monday on RTL 5, 9:30 p.m. (in Dutch).

These candidates are truly hero’s for appearing on national television and talking about their disorder. The fact that they dare to do so, is a big first step towards recovery. They are taboo-breaking and a motivation and inspiration for those in the same field. Good luck leaving your disorder behind! Never give up!


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