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You thought you had landed on the wrong website? Don’t worry; you’re currently visiting Great Body & Skin! It’s just that I’ve done a massive re-styling.

[Dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve long had the urge to  completely change the design of this website. It’s time for something more neutral, clean and especially something more adult. Especially now that I am becoming a mommy (a.k.a. officially grown-up), I think this is something that needs to be done (by the way: thanks for your awesome response to our news!).


That means that the blatant pink colors and elegant fonts have ceded. They are rigorously been replaced by the wonderfully neutral grays and sans-serif fonts. Simplicity is the magic word. Due to all this down-styling the website looks a lot more quiet.  Now you can fully focus on what it is all about: fun, interesting content and yummies on photos.


I also made changes to my header – the white bar at the top of the site where my title and subtitle are in now – in order to make it more clear to new visitors what they can expect from this site.

great-body-and-skin-a-fashion-model-reveals-her-secrets-..-nieuwThe new header

The main menu is also clearer (towards new visitors) about the topics on this website due to better grouping of categories and removing a few subcategories. 


Are you viewing this site on your mobile? Well, the site may look slightly different than what I describe here. Therefore, take a look at my website from your desktop computer to see what changes I have made.


Now you may be thinking: “Well Ans, do you really have to write a blog about your re-styling?”. Yes, actually, I do. I find it important that you find this site enjoyable in terms of usability and appearance. I hope that this is the case!


What do you think of this re-styling? Do you like it better this way? Anything you would like to see differently?


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Hey! I'm Angela; a 30-something mommy and a now REAL #fitchick, digi nerd, photo & film shooter hobbyist, MSc specialized in Health Education, marketingspecialist and an international fashion model for 20 years. I've worked for eg. Viktor & Rolf, Nivea, Escada, Elle, Vogue and Glamour.

I write about everything that I find worth sharing. Go ahead an take a look around. Don't hesitate to share your thought sor opinions. Enjoy!

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