Medjool Dates stuffed with Goat Cheese

A festive , paleo-proof, sweet & savory snack.







Medjool dates are naturally sweet, kind of sticky and gooey. To make a sweet & savory cmbination, it is fantastic to combine them with goat cheese, that has a slightly tangy, salty flavor.

Goat cheese stuffed Medjool dates are a feestelijke snack, side dish or high tea indulgence that would go lovely on a festive Christmas table. But also beyond Christmas, they are a great, nutritious in-between snack that is clean, refined sugar-free, gluten-free and are low in lactose. Moreover, this delicacy fits perfect into a paleo diet.

Here’s a really quick and easy to prepare recipe:



Medjool Dates stuffed with Goat Cheese



Prepping time: 10 minutes

Kitchen aid: cutting board, knife.



• 12 fresh Medjool dates, pitted
• 3 oz (semi-soft) goat cheese
• 6 walnuts



  1. Remove pits from the dates by slicing them lengthwise.
  2. Fill the opening with goat cheese.
  3. Top each date with half a walnut.




Nutritional value per serving

Kcal 115 protein 2.5 carbs 18.8 fat 4.5 sodium 30.2 mg


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