[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey you! Last weeks have been extremely busy with shoots, shows, business meetings food festivals and … my birthday! In this article I give you a quick update on a hectic, tiring, but fun, energizing week:




Business meeting with personal trainer Carlos Lens and model Michelle den Hollander. Carlos showed us around in his training area at Spa Zuiver, after we talked about possibilities for a collaboration. More on that later!



Me at the International Film Festival Venice

Happy birthday to me! My mom posted this picture of me from a few years ago at the International Film Festival Venice (which is a great and emotional memory for me) on her timeline, saying “Happy birthday to our little princess”. Dad always called me ‘little princess’ when I was young, now my love calls me that way (but more often drama queen :D), which I especially like because it gives me that secure feeling dad gave me when I was little. 

Anyway, I melted when I saw mom posted that picture and comment and like it that although I am a grown woman, I will always be their “little princess”. 




I worked on some tax stuff at home in the morning (wow, what a birthday, right?!), but I had a really cool Batavus Diva bike rally through Amsterdam later that afternoon. Later that week I went on a hunt for a bike similar to this Diva bike, as I fell in love with the design and comfort of it.




Time to head to Rotterdam by train, my place of birth! I didn’t know what to expect at all; my love instructed me to be at a certain metro station in Rotterdam at a certain time and just wait there. When I arrived there, I had to cross the Erasmus bridge and there he was, waiting for me! He then took me to organic restaurant Las Palmas. Such a great restaurant this is! Perfect service (“Good evening Miss Willemse, congratulations with your birthday”), lovely ambiance, extremely tasty food and top this all off: firework with my desert! 




On our way back to, what I thought, home: the Erasmus bridge at sunset.




Boy, was I wrong! My love booked us the top suite of a fancy hotel, with panorama view on the Erasmus bridge, sauna, whirlpool, Montis design chairs (that’s what the website says; never heard of, maybe design lovers have?) – of which one broke when I sat in it while calling my mom and threw me on the floor – Italian design lighting (what else) and a tropical rain shower (that’s exactly copied from the website). 




The best: my favorite slavery free chocolate, organic wine and a very sweet letter from my love <3 After soaking in the whirlpool and swimming pool for a few hours, we moved to the sauna.




Hihi 🙂



Panorama view from the hotel suite by night. We did not go to sleep early that night …



North African-Middle East breakfast at Bazar! My love had an extensive breakfast plate with pancake, yogurt, fruits, different kinds of breads, spreads, feta cheese, egg and orange juice. I only had yogurt and fruits, after I had a little too much chocolate and a bit of wine the evening before.




 Time to do some birthday shopping, bumping in to this cute scenery at the ‘koopgoot’. My parents in law gave me money to shop clothes for my birthday, but I came home with computer accessories instead. How nerdy!




Food break with organic, clean fast fresh food from Angie’s in the Karel Doormanstraat, Rotterdam. I took tuna-green bean salad and spicy stir fried veggies on-the-go. Too bad we don’t have this place in my hoe town; could you please expand your business, Angela? Good luck with your toko, Angela, your food is exquisite!




Back home, enjoying the sun, cherries and strawberries on the balcony.




Mom and dad are visiting for my birthday. I took them to the forest for a picnic. Do I look like my dad? 😀




We sat, ate (mainly nuts, some chocolate and dried & fresh fruits) and chatted for hours at an open space in the forest. Afterwards mom and everyone else of us had at least one tick. Nasty animals! Besides our forest picnics we had coffee at one of my favorite coffee places Coffee Corazón and we went on the hunt for a new bike. I had a wonderful birthday in Rotterdam and the forest, but that’s mainly because I got to spend many hours with my love and my parents. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true!




Lepeltje Lepeltje food festival! I got to chance to talk to interesting people with great ideas food wise, such as the people behind Jersey Meat antibiotic free, animal friendly meat. Furthermore: nice music, great atmosphere, happy people and sunny weather. 




I started my day with a chilled glass of good old apple juice. Apple juice contains lots of fiber (pectin) and a sufficient amount of vitamin A. Apple juice has the ability to leanse the liver, reduce cholesterol, promote eye health and is beneficial when constipated. Make sure to use the skin and pulp from organic apples when making your own apple juice to have maximum benefits! 




Gym time! 1st up: pully + rotation. See that name on the towel? That’s me! got it from my mama a lifetime ago, when I was 6 years old. So that makes it 12 years ago, lol! 




Green Monster smoothie on the go, full of fiber, vitamins & gut health promoting bacteria. Here’s the recipe (serves 5):

You’ll need 2 hands spinach, 8 strawberries, 1/2 a melon, thumb tip ginger root, 1 cup kefir. Blend the ingredients and enjoy! 




Sunday evening run in the park after a sunny, lazy day.





Today I shot webshop, fell down the stairs (must have looked really funny: me bouncing down the stairs, sliding down the hallway, come to halt with my dress up till my back, giving the receptionist a good look at my bottom) and nearly broke my ankle. Now it’s just my wrist and toes that hurt. And my ego.


In two minutes I am posting this article. It’s the middle of the day, but I am so tired that I am in my bed, ready to take a nap after I have finished some work. That’s a great advantage of being self employed 🙂



Who knows  what age I turned last week? 😀


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