Hi loves! Some of you have indicated to like to read more model food diaries. What I often hear is that people are curious about how and what models eat. Partly because of my work as a model, I eat healthy and in a way that I stay the same size. What that looks like? Read on to find out!

Generally I eat healthy 80% of the time, like model Anouk does, as she said in her interview. Normally I hardly don’t eat dairy products, but now that I’m pregnant, my digestive system seems to handle lactose better. That’s good news, as I need a lot of calcium and calcium from animal products is easier absorbed by our body.

Enough background information! Here’s my model my food diary (from a few weeks ago, as chances are great that by now I am already in labor).


Today I get up on time. I drink two large glasses of water, make a bowl of yogurt with walnuts and strawberries and eat it up in bed. Meanwhile, I check my phone and watch cute cat video’s.


After that I put on a bit of makeup and get ready to go to a fitting. Because of my pregnancy I was on hold for modeling jobs for a while, as my waistline was just between “does she have a big waist, or is she pregnant?”. But that my belly starts to look more and more like a real pregnancy bump, options for modeling jobs start to come again.

I traveling by train and bus to my fitting and eat a banana along the way. At the fitting I have to fit pregnancy underwear. After fitting I take an apple from the brand’s canteen.


I return homeward somewhat disappointed, as my bump appeared to be on the small side for this potential job. Model life! You travel back and forth for castings and fittings, but never a guarantee. Just a few more weeks waiting until my bump has grown a bt more. In the bus I drink from my water bottle. It was a hot day.


When I’m at home I prepare some rice cakes: one with goat cheese and a bit of honey, one with mashed avocado, pepper, halved cherry tomatoes and rocket, one with organic apple syrup and one with organic nut-peanut butter.

model food diary rice cakes
Lunch: rice cakes with avocado, nut-peanut butter, goat cheese and avocado.

During my visits to the midwife my iron levels are checked regularly, because pregnant women are at higher risk of developing iron deficiency than non-pregnant women. Iron deficiency is bad for the baby. The apple syrup seems to work; although I have always had problems with iron levels as a child, my iron levels have been far above the minimum throughout my pregnancy.

Afternoon snack

At home I work on my blog. Late in the afternoon I make myself 4 rice cakes: one with organic apple syrup and one with hazelnut spread. I eat them behind my laptop and finish with an apple. I am addicted to rice cakes; they are SO delicious and crunchy!

model food diary spreads
Hazelnut spread and apple syrup: two of my favorite choices.


I forget the time; because of pregnancy-related pelvic instability, I just swapped the gym for pregnancy swimming, which starts in 45 minutes. My boyfriend usually comes home around the time pregnancy swimming starts, so I like to have dinner ready for him. That’s why I cook now and eat my half after swimming. I make Balinese gado gado; a delicious vegetarian recipe with buckwheat noodles, egg, tempeh, cashews and homemade peanut sauce that I often ate during a modeling trip to Bali.


After swimming my boyfriend and I watch an episode of a series on my laptop. He offers me a piece of dark chocolate, but since I am pregnant, I don’t like dark chocolate anymore. Late at night I eat an apple.


I drink a lot of water during the day (this helps against water retention and is important for the transportation of nutrients to the baby). I stick with two cups of coffee; unique, since I’ve been addicted to coffee and easily gulped down 12 cups a day before I got pregnant.

Share your food diary

So, this was my model food diary since a long time! I hope to share more of them with you in the future. Provided you’d like that, of course.  Would you like to share your food diary at Great Body & Skin? You’re more than welcome to! Please e-mail your diary with images to angela (@) greatbodyskin.com.

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Note: it is not my intention to give the impression that what and how I eat, is the right way. It often happens that I eat too unvaried, too little, too much, too fat and so on. These diaries are not meant to set a good example, but just to give you a look in my kitchen.



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